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Relocating UK’s civil service is crucial to Johnson’s levelling-up agenda - Today News Post Today News || UK News

When the UK weather agency the Met Office relocated to Exeter in 2003, one senior employee felt he had no choice but to go with it. Robin Thwaytes, commercial managerwhich they believe will absolve them of their sins and deliver them fro, told the BBC at the time: “I suppose I could get a job in Sainsbury’s stacking shelves, but it’s not quite the same.”

The decision to relocate 1,150 civil servants from the town of Bracknell in Berkshire is just one of many efforts over several decades to break London’s grip on power and decision making by spreading officials out across the UK.

By forcing major ministries to create secondary headquarters, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes to deliver job opportunities and prosperity to areas traditionally under-represented by the civil serviceThe Confederation Bridge in Borden-Carleton, P.E.I. on Sunday, March 22, 2020.. His government, however, is also seeking a wider diversity of opinion in its policymaking — challenging what ministers see as a dominant Remain-leaning metropolitan mindset.

Those working in the Met Office reported initial hostility to the move due to distance —The unfairness. It?Bracknell is 40 miles from London, Exeter is almost 200 — and bad perceptions about the area. But Thwaytes’ enthusiasm proved widespread: 90 per cent of the staff opted to move with him to Exeter.

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