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Ministry of Commerce: the import and export situation is severe, and the orders of the Canton Fair are not satisfactory.

in the fourth quarter of this year and next year - at least in the first quarter of next year, the import and export situation is expected to be quite severe. China has been aware of this situation and is coping with it by fine-tuning its foreign trade policy and expanding the import of consumer goods. Shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, made the above statement at the monthly regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce yesterday morning

according to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, from January to September this year, China's total import and export volume reached 2677.44 billion US dollars, an increase of 24.6% year-on-year. Among them, the export was 139.227 billion US dollars, an increase of 22.7%; The average compound growth rate of imports reached 26.1% to 85.17 billion US dollars, an increase of 26.7%. However, the growth rate of exports and imports continued to decline, 11.3 percentage points and 15.7 percentage points lower than that of the same period last year

Shen Danyang said yesterday that due to changes in the domestic and international environment, unstable and uncertain factors affecting China's foreign trade are increasing, so the import and export situation in the future is quite severe

the seriousness of the situation can be seen from the trading situation of the just concluded 110th Canton Fair. Shen Danyang said that he especially noticed that the transaction data of the Canton Fair was unsatisfactory due to the exhibition of a variety of breakthrough polymer products and additives. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, a total of 93000 overseas visitors came to the Canton Fair in the first three days of this year, an increase of only 2.6% over the same period of this spring fair and 13.2% over the same period of last autumn fair. The cumulative turnover of exports in the first three days was US $10.19 billion, with a month on month and year-on-year increase of only 4.2% and 14.5%. Among the transaction orders, short orders within three months accounted for 51.7%, medium orders within three to six months accounted for 35.5%, and long orders over six months accounted for only 12.8%

"considering the external demand cost, exchange rate, base and other factors, we expect the annual import and export growth rate to show a 'high before low' trend." Shen Danyang said

on the 15th of this month, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao told China business news when attending the Canton Fair that from the current data, the growth rate of China's foreign trade import and export has been slowing down for several consecutive months. Although the situation of the whole year is not easy to assess at present, the Ministry of Commerce has prepared for the worst and is also working hard

judging from the recent speeches made by several senior officials of the Ministry of Commerce, China is fine-tuning its foreign trade policy to minimize the slowdown in the growth of foreign trade and ensure the driving force of foreign trade on China's economy. Previously, due to China's large trade surplus, some parties were criticized for turning on the power switch and frequent trade frictions, and China adopted policies such as tightening export tax rebates. However, under the current severe import and export situation, these regulatory policies may slow down

Shen Danyang also said yesterday that the Ministry of Commerce will strive to ensure the basic stability of export related policies such as export tax rebate, foreign trade credit, export credit risk guarantee, RMB exchange rate, RMB settlement of cross-border trade, and trade facilitation. At the same time, expand imports. In terms of increasing imports, it is estimated that the Ministry of Commerce will also take more measures to promote it. For the first time, the outline of the 12th Five year plan proposes to appropriately expand the import of consumer goods

with regard to the issue of reducing tariffs on imported products, which is widely concerned by consumers, Shen Danyang pointed out yesterday that the import tax of consumer goods includes tariffs and consumption taxes. Reducing the import tax of consumer goods is an important and effective way to expand the import of consumer goods, but it is not the only measure. Changing the traditional thinking of "awarding out and restricting entry", encouraging foreign governments and enterprises to carry out trade promotion activities, and providing a good environment for the operation of foreign consumer goods in the Chinese market are also good ways to effectively promote the import of consumer goods

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