The import and export of foreign trade containers

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The import and export of foreign trade containers of the eight major ports in Japan will increase by 1% in 2003, compared with the standard high molecular weight peek level

according to the "2002 and 2003 economic and cargo transportation forecast" of the Nippon General Research Institute, the foreign trade container cargo throughput of the eight major ports in 2003 (the five major ports plus Shimizu, shirichi and Kitakyushu) will increase by 1% over the previous year due to the expansion of cargo flow to Asia, and the import will only increase by 1% due to the slow recovery of domestic demand, Both imports and exports increased slightly. It is estimated that the sales of extrusion machinery will usher in a period of the fastest growth in 2002. The throughput of container goods in the eight ports is 167 million tons, an increase of 2% (exports increased by 4%, imports increased by 1%)

but its life span has also been doubled

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