The hottest Lenovo ts540 server uses TPU material

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Lenovo ts540 server adopts TPU material for shock absorption

in the single channel tower server market, Lenovo think server is undoubtedly the king, accounting for more than 60% of the market share for a long time. As the design of Lenovo's think s fixture is also a difficulty, the flagship product of server's tensile strength testing machine analytic family single channel tower server ts540 is the only single channel tower server in the industry that adopts dual redundancy design. It is equipped with the latest Intel Xeon ev3 series processor and supports up to 32GB of udimmecc memory. Lenovo's unique easy st is just that the test results are inaccurate artup Excellent system management software such as easy update and Intel AMT 9.0 technology greatly simplify the workload of batch deployment and upgrade of servers. It can also realize remote management of end-user networks, significantly improve employee efficiency and system running speed, improve data security and reduce energy consumption

think server ts540 inherits the unique super cushioning technology of think server family, effectively reduces 40% of system faults caused by vibration, and greatly improves system stability. Ts540 is also made of high-strength and high stiffness materials, and its strength is 20% higher than that of ordinary chassis; The hard disk compartment is designed with double-layer reinforcement, and its strength is 50% higher than that of the ordinary hard disk compartment. The holographic buffer technology innovated by think server family can reduce vibration by 30%, which perfectly combines the impact resistance of zinc magnesium alloy widely used in automobile parts and the shock absorption of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer), and can cover high, medium and low frequency bands; At the same time, the horizontal and vertical shock absorption is considered to effectively absorb the vibration

in addition, Lenovo also considers that the actual application cost of growing enterprises may be reduced by 20%. The think server ts540 adopts the world's top ultra silent tower chassis with a running noise as low as 26dB and a low electromagnetic radiation design. It adopts 100% recyclable plastic material, and has obtained energy star certification and national safety regulations certification, making it more green and environmentally friendly, At the same time, we will work together with users to contribute to the protection of the earth's healthy society

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