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Leting electric wire was awarded the world's first energy storage cable certification under the TUV South Germany and CQC cooperative test scheme

, The third-party testing and certification organization TUV Nande group (hereinafter referred to as "TUV Nande") and China Quality Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as "CQC") jointly issued the world's first certification certificate for leting electric wire industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "leting electric wire") based on the test scheme jointly developed by TUV Nande and CQC, and buzzed after each experiment. Xuhailiang, vice president of TUV Greater China intelligent power equipment and photovoltaic and managing director of Nande new energy vehicle testing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Dr. xiezhiguo, head of wire Department of CQC product certification department 4, Mr. linhongbo, director of leting wire factory, and other guests attended the certification ceremony

tuv Nande joint CQC and leting wire certification ceremony site

leting wire has been verified and tested for several months since the beginning of 2019. So far, all items in the test scheme jointly developed by TUV Nande and CQC (the filing standards of both parties are PPP 58049a and CQC 1143) have been completed and passed successfully. The certificate indicates that the safety performance of the energy storage cable of leting wire meets the strict requirements of international and domestic standards. The award of this certificate to leting wire demonstrates the foresight of CQC and TUV Nande in the field of energy storage testing and certification, as well as the authority and influence of TUV Nande in the preparation of standards and specifications for new energy storage systems

The joint test scheme of

ppp 58049a and CQC 1143 is a comprehensive technical specification for special cables for new energy power storage system. The test scheme comprehensively examines the requirements of the energy storage system on the cable from the aspects of electrical performance, mechanical performance, service life, weather resistance and so on. Considering the different environmental characteristics in the energy storage system, the test scheme adds the assessment of cable flame retardancy, battery acid resistance, static flexibility and other aspects, and carries out the solar aging resistance test for outdoor grade samples. In previous standard demonstration meetings, TUV Nande, one of the listed insurance companies, and CQC have also fully considered the practical application requirements of the owners of energy storage power stations, main engine manufacturers, cable and connector manufacturers. It can be said that this test plan is the most comprehensive and professional test plan for energy storage cable products at present

tuv Mr. xuhailiang, vice president of smart power equipment and photovoltaic in Greater China and managing director of Nande new energy vehicle testing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., said at the certification ceremony: "Leting electric wire has cooperated with TUV Nande for many times. The acquisition of the certificate of the joint test scheme for leting electric wire and energy storage cable means that leting electric wire has begun to use its strong technical expertise in the field of power battery cables in the field of energy storage 3-element materials, which is a further embodiment of the standardization of the energy storage parts market. At the same time, we also expect TUV Nande and CQC to give full play to their cooperation in the field of energy storage in the future Technology and brand advantages, through special design, are jointly committed to leading the energy storage industry in line with international standards and maintaining the global competitive advantage created by China. "

Dr. xiezhiguo, director of wire Department of the fourth CQC product certification department, said at the certification ceremony: "Since CQC and TUV Nande jointly held a seminar on energy storage cable standards in Beijing at the end of 2018, the institutions of both sides have accelerated the formulation and verification of energy storage cable standards. The launch of the joint test scheme certification marks significant progress in the standardization of energy storage cables, which strongly proves that leting wire strictly follows domestic and foreign standards in the design and manufacturing of energy storage cable products. We will continue to work with TUV Nande in the future Germany has extended the joint test scheme for energy storage cables to the group standards of relevant energy storage alliances, helping the joint test scheme to be applied, accepted, coordinated and integrated on more platforms. "

"This time, we passed a series of test certifications of TUV Nande and CQC and obtained the certification certificate of joint test scheme for energy storage cable products of TUV Nande and CQC. The breakthrough success can not be achieved without the long-term unremitting efforts and innovation of leting wire, which also strengthened the confidence and determination of leting wire to move towards global specialization and perfection in the field of energy storage cable. In the future, leting will maintain its' professionalism 'and' reliability ', It will also continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy industry through technological innovation. " Mr. linhongbo, director of leting electric wire factory, said so

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