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Use red hat private cloud platform to create a new shopping experience

red hat company recently announced that it has reached a cooperation with red hat, the largest shopping mall in Switzerland with 60% of the department store market share. Li Shou, the award-winning red hat, is used to deeply implement green manufacturing engineering. He meets with Bayer materials technology China to deploy and manage its latest shopping applications on behalf of the local private platform as a service (PAAS) platform enterprise openshift. With the help of enterprise openshift, it now has an efficient and highly extensible online mall development, operation and maintenance platform

in 2014, it upgraded its huge and cumbersome shopping application to a more agile and microservice based technology platform, greatly enhanced its performance and flexibility, and made it more competitive in the highly competitive e-commerce market. In order to implement such a new application architecture, we evaluated several similar PAAS platforms, including cloud foundry, and explored the possibility of using docker to create its own application platform. As a PAAS solution that can best meet its needs, leshop finally chose enterprise openshift because it provides key functions for development, integration, implementation and operation, and realizes hybrid cloud deployment

openshift enterprise allows access to the cloud based application platform, so as to enhance its ability to build required applications, and enable applications to run in a hybrid Cloud Architecture, whether it is its own data center or a public cloud. This product can automatically complete most of the configuration and management tasks of the application platform stack, making it easier for the IT operation team to meet the increasing business needs for new application services. Openshift enterprise also provides application developers with an on-demand, flexible, scalable and fully configured application deployment and running environment, so that they can focus on developing new application services

leshop has created a new application architecture for its shopping application, which includes loosely coupled components, namely micro services. Developers adopt the modular design principle to divide the previous overall application into dozens of microservices with 3 certificate validity cycles. Red Hat Enterprise openshift provides the most critical platform for deploying and managing these highly decentralized microservices in a cross hybrid cloud environment

red hat also provides support services with the best reputation in the industry, including professional support and training programs, to help cultivate professional ability to manage future development projects and operate the latest shopping applications

we are very satisfied with the progress of the project and red hat's first-class technical services, and the project will be successfully completed within the scheduled time and budget. Red Hat Enterprise openshift provides us with all the necessary functions to develop and operate a highly flexible microservice architecture

raphael anthamatten, head of infrastructure and operations

one of the core challenges faced by all e-commerce companies is to quickly and reliably implement innovative solutions with new technologies and application architectures. With the help of Red Hat Enterprise openshift, we have provided innovative service support for e-commerce, helping to firmly consolidate its leading position in the Swiss market

asheshbadani, vice president of red hat and general manager of openshift Department

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