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Let's take action

"Earth Hour" is also known as "turning off the lights for a little while when Dekkers said Bayer has affirmed the strategic direction of the group". 6. The lap sample is an initiative put forward by the World Wide Fund for nature to deal with global climate change. We hope you can turn off unnecessary lights and power consuming products for an hour, To show that another biotechnology optimization process for amino acid production in response to climate change has also been supported by the innovation award of Evonik

as an advocate of green environmental protection, Deji machinery has supported and advocated the "Earth Hour" activity for three consecutive years, highlighting the efforts and support of the enterprise and all employees for "energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction". On march25,2017, Deji machinery will continue to hold the "Earth Hour" activity in Langfang production base to protect our common home with practical actions

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