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Lenovo rescuer y7000 15.6-inch i5

this Lenovo rescuer y7000 15.6-inch game notebook computer (IH 16g 512g SSD GTX 1650 100%srgb domestically) is phantom black. I like it recommended by many great gods. Later, I planted grass in an East. Let's talk about my experience:

I Lenovo material testing machine can be divided into static load testing machine (static) and dynamic load testing machine (dynamic) according to the loading method. The Savior y7000 2020 experience experience

generally speaking, it is OK. The graphics card drive memory is enough. Just downloaded CF, the fortress night is very good, and there is no jamming phenomenon. It should have been added at the beginning, and i7 should be selected. In fact, i5 is very suitable for us ordinary students, unless we make a design, Charging is fast. It has both advantages and disadvantages, because it is difficult to press the touch-screen board of the computer when I have just arrived without buying a mouse. I'm afraid the button is broken. The heat dissipation is very good and the sound is very low. It is also this year's new model. You can start with it

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Lenovo Savior y7000 2020

talk about the experience of the game:

gta5 is free these days. After receiving the download and installation, playing for a while, the energy-saving mode is turned on, and the screen is set by default. The game is very smooth and the keyboard is comfortable. Besides the horizontal bar under the F and j keys, there is also a horizontal bar under the s key, so there will be no misoperation. This is also very good

Lenovo Savior y7000 2020

II. Price of Lenovo Savior y7000 2020

deposit ¥ 200.00

presale price: ¥ 5999.00 activity link:

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III. configuration parameters of Lenovo Savior y7000 2020:

1. Today I received the notebook, which looks very simple and generous, It looks light and thin, but you can still feel some weight with one hand. Machine one hand switching low-frequency fatigue testing machine: the frequency is lower than 30Hz, the keyboard button is very comfortable, I am a non RBG party, and the keyboard has only white light, which is highly praised. Both win10 and office activated customers have strategies. Just press

2. The computer received it. Taobaofa's security and stability are not as fast as those of the first transmission system. The package is intact. The computer has good performance. It starts up very quickly, runs smoothly, likes the color, weighs less, is lighter than expected, has good heat dissipation, can't stand the sound, and the appearance and packaging design are also good. The display color is also very good, very bright. It plays games very well, very satisfied

3. Computer performance: there must be no performance to say. Today I played cf. CS go It works perfectly with eating chicken. It's not stuck at all. Appearance and material: I wanted to buy a computer a long time ago, so I chose it for a long time. I have read most of the brands. I personally think it's the best in the game book. It's simple and generous. There is no fancy design. In addition, the new model is so convenient. It hasn't been waiting for so long. I strongly recommend it

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