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Lenovo took the lead in launching low-cost color laser printers

recently, Lenovo launched the A4 format color laser printer c8000 to meet the color output needs of office users. More importantly, through this move, Lenovo has provided users with high-quality, high-performance and affordable color laser printers - "everything is good", so that ordinary office users can also enjoy professional output quality

in the past, to improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process, replacing the amplifier and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are complementary. The printer is either at the threshold of high price, or at the expense of how to solve the problem of quality at the expense of the frequent errors of the pressure testing machine. This time, Lenovo's c8000 is to win the trust of users in terms of price, quality, performance and service, So as to take the lead in the market

Lenovo color laser printer c8000 has completely lowered the price of the previous "ten thousand yuan challenge" to a new level, bringing the price to an exciting 6999 yuan, making it easy for the original ordinary black-and-white challenge users to upgrade

of course, the current market is no longer in the era of "price war". Looking at a series of indicators of c8000 in detail, the color printing speed of four pages per minute and the preheating time less than 180 seconds are not lower than those of the same grade, or even higher price color laser printers. More importantly, c8000 is "high quality and low price" in some key indicators, such as 1200dpi printing resolution, which can achieve better printing effect; 32M memory, more stable performance; The 200 page multi-function paper feeder makes the operation easier; The 45000 page long-life photosensitive drum technology enables users to save the use cost in addition to the purchase cost

Liuhong, general manager of Lenovo's peripheral business unit, said, "our goal is to make Lenovo c8000 a classic product of office color laser printer. It has excellent performance, excellent everything, and affordable price, so that it can be the first choice with users' office equipment. C8000 will implement the service commitment of free on-site maintenance within one year, making users more worry free."

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