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Lenovo launched K920 micro single star to help start the dream

news on August 6, 2014, 201 with the theme of Lenovo making the dream happen took off the test piece 4 Lenovo new product launch and 3 Preparation and utilization technology of superfine functional materials the third lefen grand ceremony was held in 798. This press conference and Le fan grand ceremony specially invited three stars, Kobe Bryant, Hebe and Ou Hao, to help the Lenovo platform. The crowded battle before the entrance made those who were used to the press conference experience the huge energy generated by the co fermentation of star effect and fans' enthusiasm

this press conference focused on the launch of Lenovo's latest flagship machine K920. This Lenovo K920, which supports dual card, dual pass and dual 4G systems, continues the consistent strong design of K Series in appearance, uses a metal body, and has a large flat share design on the front. The hardware configuration is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 801 quad core processor, and the main frequency can reach 2.5GHz; At the same time, it adopts a 6-inch 2K screen, and the maximum brightness can reach 630nits. A built-in non removable battery with a capacity of 4000mAh is built in. Its 16million pixel optical anti shake lens has become the biggest highlight of K920. Combined with the professional camera 4.0 built in the vibe 2.0 UI system of K920, its scene recognition system has dual RGB sensor photosensitive technology, which can improve the photo quality and film yield in a variety of light environments

if the press conference talks about products, it is bound to appear dull and out of date. At the Lenovo China executive meeting held not long ago, Yang Yuanqing just put forward two points for the group's enterprise reform. The first is still to have excellent products. On this point, Lenovo people are very tough. According to Zhang Hui, general manager of Lenovo MBG China business, Lenovo is now the third largest brand in the world and the second largest brand in China. Lenovo has 14000 self owned patents and 80million users in Lenovo music stores, Le'an has 120million cumulative users. On the premise of having a broad user base, Lenovo plans to change from terminal to background equipment in the next step, and from product sales to operating customers in terms of business model. The important point of managing customers is to manage fans. It can be seen from tonight's press conference that Lenovo is doing this carefully

therefore, the launch of the new 7075-t76 alloy developed by Alcoa's technology center soon tonight seems to be just an appetizer. The real main course is for Lenovo fans tonight. The three stars present gave the final performance for the dream show of tonight's Le fan Festival. The so-called dream show of Le fan Festival is that three Le fans with different dreams come to the scene through selection, tell their dreams, convey their dream chasing spirit, and cooperate with one of the stars to canvass. Finally, through the "10msec" of fans, it means that 100 data measurement silk votes will be conducted within one minute, and the most popular dream chasing fans will get the Lenovo music fans fund to help them realize their dreams. In this way, Lenovo will enhance fan interaction, raise popularity and carry out three public welfare undertakings at the same time. It was a wonderful performance

Yang Yuanqing said at the previous internal meeting that Lenovo would achieve an annual revenue of $100billion in the next few years. Perhaps this wonderful ceremony can be regarded as a good start

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