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Over the years, with the change of spending perspective, many people began to pay attention to Chinese aluminum alloy doors and windows. When home decoration, the market competition of Chinese aluminum alloy doors and windows brand also entered a white hot, which also made many agents and dealers realize the importance of service, but the market competition is changing rapidly. As long as Chinese aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers pay attention to various services, they can truly win the market

I. promote through social channels

Chinese aluminum alloy door and window agents can share some photos or videos with strong entertainment to their circle of friends, Weibo or maybe send them online to attract the eyes of netizens and promote their brands together. There are many entertainment techniques, which can be invested or produced in a small way. The key is heart

second, create standardized devices

after the machine is sold, deliver it to the door or even enter the home device. Is the "small wrench service" outfit including the device factory clothes, work caps, dust-proof shoe covers, device things boxes, etc. complete? Whether we can communicate with the owner politely and civilly after entering the door, etc. these not only show the professional and professional quality of the brand, but also can accumulate outstanding public praise. The so-called golden cup and silver cup are not as good as users' word of mouth

third, goods are the best.

new products, on the one hand, are goods that have just been introduced to shopping malls, on the other hand, are goods that are not available in regional shopping malls, which can brighten the eyes of consumers, and whose quotations are not comparable with those of the same kind, can be called new products. Otherwise, if a product such as bamboo and wood mixed with solid wood aluminum alloy doors and windows, others already have it, and the store has just been launched, it cannot be called a new product. In general, in terms of promotion, new products can bring premium space and high rate of return for shopping malls. Chinese aluminum alloy door and window agents should keep up with the pace in time

IV. establish a sales team

even if the return rate is high, the number is limited after all. If there is a team to sell goods, the aggregation effect will be very significant. Then go to another level. If the distribution outlets of the regional shopping malls at the location of the agents are developed one after another, and multiple teams work together for the dealers, even if the profit of the center is a little thin, but this plate rises, the rate of return will be more meaningful than that of the dealers alone. When the network is built, the brand will have coverage and all sales will be enlarged

2016 has begun. As for the aluminum alloy door and window profession, the new promotion war is just in full swing. As for the aluminum alloy door and window dealers, in the fierce competition of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is a good choice to select niche Chinese aluminum alloy doors and windows, but since it is a niche commodity, you should pay more attention when selling to the masses





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