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Good quality, find Molike. Molike's national quality 315 promotion month is in full swing. Customers in need are rushing to the local Molike store

with the popularity of wall cloth, wall cloth has become the favorite choice of more and more consumers. However, various problems of wall covering follow. The brands on the market are mixed, the quality of products is mixed, the prices are also very different, and there are even a dozen yuan of low-quality wall cloth. Consumers don't know how to distinguish, so they are cheated after buying home cheaply

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customers often ask,

it looks similar. Why is your home so expensive

the price of a certain brand of car is 60000 yuan

the price of Porsche is 3.898 million

a picture tells you:

looks similar, doesn't mean things are the same

why are inferior products cheap

How is made

is it harmful

these problems can't be seen before you buy and use them

1. Why is inferior wall cloth cheap

always remember that any product has a cost! Why are they cheap? Xiaobian didn't dare to speculate too much, and probably guessed some

01. Waste defective products

small manufacturers have nowhere to destroy the defective wall cloth, so they have to sell at a low price; Or buy the waste cloth from the cloth factory at a low price and make it into wall cloth products. The price is low but the harm is great

02. Inferior chemical fiber fabrics

the use of inferior chemical fiber fabrics has weak air permeability and insufficient fastness. As time goes on, there will be deformation, fuzzing, internal mildew and so on

03. Use unqualified dyes and dyestuffs

qualified dyes and dyestuffs are expensive and a lot of expenses. For the sake of cost, low-cost and low-quality wall coverings use unqualified "three noes" dyes. The color fastness of the products is extremely poor and it is easy to fade

04. Sell fake goods and fight a price war

no research and development, no design, no after-sales, just copy the pattern of brand manufacturers' products, blindly press the low price, and fight a price war with genuine merchants to attract consumers

inferior low-cost wall cloth

2. Why is good wall cloth expensive

good product

good raw materials + good process + good service + good brand added value

this must be the case

Molike, as a pioneer in the soft clothing industry, has been focusing on product development and production, providing good products and services to thousands of families in China. It should be noted that high-quality environmental protection raw materials, advanced technology, intelligent machinery and equipment, each is a large number. Molike has always been a big spender in this regard, not too much at all, and can be called an industry model

1. Raw materials - environmental protection and high quality

[fabric] adopts 100% polyester (polyester fiber), which is a kind of synthetic fiber, which is mostly used to make clothes. 100% polyester is more expensive, so some brands of clothing made by it will even sell more expensive than clothes made of pure cotton and down fabrics

advantages: good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, with high strength and elastic recovery ability. It is firm and durable, wrinkle resistant and non ironing, and does not stick to hair

[glue] adopts organic polymer material polyurethane, which is a universal technical product in the world. Polyurethane is one of the indispensable scientific and technological elements, from the insulation of household refrigerators to space flight suits, from World Cup football to sports shoes

advantages: it has good oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion

2. Reactive printing process - advanced environmental protection

the introduction of Italian digital equipment, the use of reactive printing process, so that the reactive groups of reactive dyes and fiber molecules form a combination, so that the dye and fiber form a whole, so the fabric has excellent dust-proof performance and high cleanliness

advantages: rich and full colors, good color fastness, soft hand feel, can be washed often without fading, and can be used as new for a long time

3. Warp/weft yarn - high density

adopts the loom originally imported from Belgium and France, with weft density of thousands per meter and warp density of tens of thousands

advantages: delicate and natural texture, vivid pattern

4. Exquisite embroidery - Chinese traditional embroidery technology

the introduction of high-end embroidery brand machine, tanima, Japan, adopts high-grade environmental protection solid color embroidery thread or high-grade metal wire, and the number of embroidery stitches varies from 100000 to hundreds of thousands, each set, perfectly presenting the charm of Chinese embroidery Suzhou embroidery

advantages: meticulous embroidery, lively stitching, elegant color

many brands in the market advocate that their seamless wallcovering is environmentally friendly and has good performance. It can be seen from the above that excellent product performance comes from high-quality raw materials, advanced equipment and technology

in molyk's view, isn't the "Three Prevention", "seamless", "environmental protection" and other characteristics of the wall cloth the most basic configuration? What molyk seeks is to give customers more on the basis of good performance of the wall cloth, such as considerate service, good experience, etc... so that every customer who buys molyk wall cloth feels that the value for money and face

good quality, find Molike. Molike's national quality 315 promotion month is in full swing. Customers in need are rushing to the local Molike store





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