What are the taboos of foyer aisle decoration and

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In Feng Shui, it is believed that the hall aisle is like the throat of a house, and its Feng Shui function is mainly to transport the Feng Shui aura included in the gate to other rooms. Therefore, when the feng shui of the hall aisle is damaged, no matter how good the feng shui of the aura included in the gate is, it will eventually be detrimental to the family's fortunes

therefore, we must pay attention to the decoration and Feng Shui of the hallway. Once some Feng Shui taboos are violated in the decoration process, it will inevitably lead to poor Feng Shui. What Feng Shui taboos are there in the hallway? Now let's make a brief introduction for you. I hope you can take a warning and try to avoid violating these Feng Shui taboos

what are the decoration of hallways and Feng Shui taboos?</p>
<p>Feng Shui has an unlucky saying that





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