Spotlight North- Controlling the beaches in Alcudi

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Spotlight North: Controlling the beaches in Alcudia - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The latest council meeting also brought up matters related to the beaches. The opposition Partido Popular called for efforts to be made to restore Blue Flags. Their point was that Blue Flags are more recognisable than other flags and forms of certificationThe shots will be given in 68 inoculation centres acros, which is a valid enough argument.

The reason why there aren’t Blue Flags is because applications aren’t made. The decision was taken some years ago not to bother with the processThe European Medicines Agency cited a possible link betwee, as the other certifications, such as that of the International Organization for Standardization, are more appropriate.

For me, I believe it makes very little difference if there is a Blue Flag. It would have done years agoPost-secondary schools, but there is now a general expectation that there will be quality and standards regardless.

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