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Worry about AI causing massive unemployment is groundless

on January 24, the global research institution luohantang released its first Research Report "digital technology and inclusive growth" at the Davos forum, which was recognized by the world sample and the independent review of simple shape banks. The report believes that the growth mode related to e-commerce, mobile payment and financial services in China is "surprisingly inclusive", and suggests that countries should measure the force value of electronic tensile testing machines as soon as possible through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems, mainly by ball screws and widely popularize digital technology

it has become a consensus that technological progress promotes economic growth and social change, and digital technology has more characteristics of non competitiveness and low threshold of popularization, which will bring inclusive effect

Internet technology, which originated in the United States in the 1990s, has evolved to version 2.0 of mobile Internet in recent years, supplemented by the popularity of intelligence. The digital divide in access to information among all levels of society has been filled, and information asymmetry has been gradually eliminated. Relying on the mobile Internet platform, people have achieved the equalization of access to business services, payment, finance and other aspects. In particular, the large-scale user base has enabled Chinese people to enjoy mobile payment and free personal transfer services. If there is anything unknown, the handling charges that businesses need to bear are at the lowest level in the world. The market space has been expanded unprecedentedly, and the threshold for entrepreneurship has been constantly lowered

although the progress of digital technology has obvious inherent advantages in inclusiveness, it will cause great changes in the economic and social structure, and also cause some people's concern. The more representative is "will artificial intelligence (AI) cause large-scale unemployment"

in fact, this is a false proposition

on the one hand, although AI will replace the workload of some people, it is not a simple replacement for manpower. Most of the corresponding staff will not flow out because of this, but just change the way they work. For example, in the medical industry, AI assisted disease diagnosis greatly reduces the repeated simple work of doctors, so that doctors have time and energy to provide more unique services; Customer service personnel who have been replaced by technology can also turn to providing personalized and more demanding services. AI's involvement in the medical industry is to optimize and upgrade the structure of the whole industry and provide a higher level of medical services to the public

some time ago, a report analyzing the phenomenon of "screen changing destiny" triggered a heated discussion - with the help of remote live broadcast, the classroom resources of Chengdu No. With the help of remote live broadcasting, high-quality classroom resources have not led to the unemployment of school teachers in poor areas. Instead, they have helped them use new technology to improve teaching, supplemented by guidance to students. The undergraduate enrollment rate of some schools has doubled several times. This is also a clear proof that new technology promotes the quality improvement in traditional fields

on the other hand, even if some people lose their original jobs due to the popularization of AI, we should know that there is not only a fixed total number of jobs in society, and the relationship between AI and jobs is not zero sum. Jobs can be created continuously according to social needs. AI will not only erode some jobs, but also create a large number of jobs. Just as in the era of industrial revolution, cars replaced carriages, and some cabbies lost their jobs, but with it, a large number of jobs for engineers, production line workers, road builders and maintenance service personnel were created

therefore, the fear that "Ai leads to mass unemployment" is just groundless. The progress and popularization of digital technology will, of course, profoundly change the face of society, but due to its inclusive nature, the ultimate result will only be the overall improvement of people's well-being. Just as electric lights replace candles, which one of them represents a higher standard of living? (Song Si)

source: Beijing Youth Daily

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