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In September, 2000, of the four options in the FOXBASE language test of the second level written examination (1) - (40) 1 point per sub question, (41) - (50) 2 points per sub question, a total of 60 points)

the following questions a), b), C) and D), only one option is correct. Please blacken the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet and answer it on the test paper without scoring

(1) the correct one in the following e-mail addresses is (where □ represents a space)

a) Malin b) malin@

c) Lin □ Ma d) Lin □ ma@

(2) the correct one in the following statements is

a) in order to use the services provided by Novell, FTP protocol must be used

b) in order to use the services provided by the Internet, telnet protocol must be used

c) in order to use the services provided by Novell, Tcp/ip protocol must be adopted

d) in order to use the services provided by the Internet, Tcp/ip protocol must be adopted

(3) what is incorrect in the following statement is

a) modem (modem) is a local network device

b) hub (hub) is a local network device

c) card (NIC) is a local network device

d) repeater is a local network device

(4) hexadecimal value of decimal number 397 is

a) 18D b) 18e C) 277 d) 367 1

(5) What is incorrect in the following statements is

A) CD-ROM is a read-only memory but not a memory

b) CD-ROM drive is the basic part of multimedia computer

C) only the data stored on CD-RO in recent years m belongs to the range of large-scale integrated circuits is called multi-media information

d) CD-ROM disk can store up to 650 megabytes of information

(6) What cannot be accomplished by dragging the mouse in Windows application environment is

a) when the window is not the largest, the position of the window can be moved

b) when the window is the largest, the window can be reduced to an icon

c) when the window has a scroll bar, the scrolling of the window content can be realized

d) a file can be moved (or copied) to another directory

(7) MS-DOS mode is started from windows to enter DOS state, If you want to return to the status of windows, at the DOS prompt, the command you should type is

a) exit b) quit C) win d) DOS -u

(8) to select a command from the drop-down menu of the windows standard window, The following operation errors are

a) click the command option with the mouse

b) use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to move the highlight bar to the command option, and then press the Enter key

c) simultaneously press the ALT key and the underlined letter key in the bracket after the command option

d) directly press the underlined letter key in the bracket after the command option

(9) ASCII code (including extension) can be represented by a byte, Then the number of ASCII code values that can be expressed is

a) 1024 b) 256 C) 128 d) 8o

(10) a computer with a word length of 32 bits refers to

a) the maximum number that the computer can process does not exceed 232

b) the CPU in the computer can process 32-bit binary information at the same time

c) the memory of the computer is 32MB

d) the number of instructions that the computer can execute per second is 32mips

(11) in DOS system, The illegal ones in the following file names are

a) abcdefg1 b) ABCDEF with equal cylinder diameter g1.234 C) ABCD_ EFG d) abcdefg

(12) after the DOS system starts, the memory of the following files is

a) s b) C) t d) e

(13) the "dir *2" command under DOS will list

a) all non implicit files and directories with character 2 at the end of their names

b) all non implicit files with character 2 at the end of their names

c) all non implicit files

d) all non implicit files and directory

(14) the drive letter of floppy drive is a, There is only one directory xyz on disk a, and there are several subdirectories and files under xyz. If you want to copy all the contents of disk a to the various signs on the root 10 experimental machine of Disk C, you should clearly and durably record them, and the command you should use is

A) copy a:** C: B) COPY A:*.* C:*.*

C) XCOPY A:*.* C: /s d) DiskCopy a: c:

(15) to connect the file t in the current disk directory after the file T, The commands that should be used are

a) copy t t b) move t

c) Path t t d) type t

(16) the data model that uses two-dimensional tables to represent entities and the relationships between entities is called

a) object-oriented model B) relational model C) hierarchical model d) shape model

(17) the three basic relational operations that FOXBASE relational database management system can realize are

a) index, sorting, search b) database building, entry Sorting of

c) selection, projection of, connection of D) display, statistics, copy of

(18) set replay association operation in FOXBASE is a kind of

a) logical connection b) physical connection C) logical sorting d) physical sorting

(19) in FOXBASE, The commands that can perform conditional positioning are

a) skip b) seek C) locate d) go

(20) there are the following command sequences:

use orders

list off

average qty to aqty for item= "Pentium Ⅱ"

index on item to xrd

total on item to TTT fields qty

? Aqty

where the list command displays the result of

item qty

Pentium Ⅱ 150

HP printer 260

Pentium Ⅱ 220

ASUS motherboard 314

HP printer 380

Pentium Ⅱ 122

execute the above command sequence,? The value displayed by the aqty command is

a) 241 b) 220 C) 164 d) 150

(21) after executing the command sequence of question (20), the records in the database file f have a total of

a) 6 B) 3 C) 2 D) 1

(22) in the following groups of file extensions, the corresponding files that do not necessarily have to be used with the database are


(23) do in FOXBASE

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