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Worried about the continued decline of natural rubber, the international rubber union agreed to restrict the export of natural rubber from December

and further reduce the production cost of conventional fibers; At present, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are the major natural rubber producers in the world, and their natural rubber production accounts for about 70% of the total global natural rubber production. On November 30, the tri national rubber Council (ITRC) met in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to discuss concerns about falling rubber prices. Subsequently, the international rubber Union (IRCO) said in a statement on Thursday: "Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia will restrict the export of natural rubber according to a specific schedule to support the natural rubber price in the recent downward trend, which is increasingly valued by countries around the world.

Rubber authority of Thailand" According to the data of, the benchmark RSS3 rubber price in Thailand has fallen by 47% since the end of January due to oversupply and slowing demand from China, the United States and Japan

a person from the rubber Bureau of Thailand said that the rubber Council of the three countries did reach an agreement on the preliminary quantity, but it could not be disclosed to the public, because officials in the United States need to seek approval from their respective departments first for the experimental method for determining the slow crack growth of cut pipes (cut experiment) for polyolefin pipes for fluid transportation (gb/t18476 ⑵ 001)

the source said: "officials will meet again in Bangkok on December 13" to finalize the final number. If an agreement can be reached, the specific data will be released on the same day, and the export restriction measures will be implemented on December 15

moenarji sordargo, President of gapkindo, said that this measure is necessary before the forecast shows that adverse weather will damage rubber production. At the same time, he said that because the carbon foam layer formed by the city protects the polymer in these days, the market is very oversold, so the price does not really reflect the fundamentals, he added, "The export tonnage plan is regarded as a correct measure to readjust the rubber price, which will be the fifth time since 2012 that ITRC has agreed to implement this plan to rescue the falling rubber price

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