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Shawan District parallel idler processing fine [shouang conveying machinery]

Shawan District parallel idler processing fine [shouang conveying machinery]

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Shawan District parallel idler processing fine [shouang conveying machinery]

the structure of ordinary idler is basically composed of idler shaft, bearing, bearing seat, roller skin, labyrinth seal and tension spring retaining ring for shaft. Internal structure of idler. The primary structural dimensions of the idler touched in the chapter of conical idler in this article are length and diameter, and the determination of the length is based on the factors such as the width of the conveyor belt and the deviation of the conveyor belt when the tensile test machine is doing the tensile test. At present, there is a standard series of idler length, and the idler diameter is closely related to the rotation speed of the idler. The idler itself has a certain ovality, which is formed by the manufacturing accuracy of the idler. Since there is no relative sliding speed, there is static friction between the two. The friction force F of the belt to the idler is balanced with the friction reaction force FD of the belt to the idler, and the included angle between FD and the belt centerline is a=0. Therefore, when the center line of the idler is perpendicular to the center line of the belt, the rubber conveyor belt is not stressed laterally, and it is difficult for the heat-resistant conveyor purchaser to find the supplier. When the belt feeding deviates, the idler cannot automatically correct the deviation. When the center line of the idler is not perpendicular to the center line of the nylon conveyor belt, the straightening machine, that is, the idler is tilted forward by a certain angle: when taking any contact point m, the linear speed of the strong conveyor belt at this point is V, and the rotation speed of the idler is VG. Because the center line of the idler is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt product, the stainless steel idler produces a relative sliding speed △ V, and there is dynamic friction between them. The friction force F brought by high-temperature transportation to the idler, Relative sliding speed. The direction of V is the same, and the friction reaction FD of the idler to the canvas conveyor belt is opposite to the direction of the relative sliding speed 4V; Since FD has a certain angle a with the belt centerline, the belt has a transverse force F and a radial force fi

therefore, in the process of idler operation, this situation will cause the conveyor belt to be perpendicular to the moving direction. If the oscillation frequency of the conveyor belt is close to or equal to the natural oscillation frequency of the conveyor belt, the resonance phenomenon will occur at this moment and then affect the normal operation of the conveyor. The idlers produced by Yanshan shouang conveying machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly fall into the following categories: stainless steel idlers, trough idlers, conical idlers, buffer idlers, and self-aligning idlers. DB strength without visual error and sufficient lubrication. There are three ways to formulate the basic line: comparison method: if there are multiple conical idlers and friction idlers of the same type, these bearings can be compared together. Observe each bearing with the same test method or from the same angle. Analyze decibel intensity and sound quality. If there is no essential difference (less than 8 dB), we can set it as the basic dB of each idler to protect the vehicle and passengers; Plastic has strong corrosion resistance and strength. Set the base line when adding lubricating oil: when adding lubricating oil, listen to the intensity of the sound. When the intensity of the sound decreases and then increases. At this time, do not add too much lubricating oil to the stainless steel idler, and set it as the base line. Historical records: observe the decibel strength of conical idlers and friction idlers, record it every day, and then compare the record results of 30 days. If the DB intensity changes little or no (less than 8 dB). We can set this as the base line and use it for the comparison value of future observation results

idler is an important part for carrying the operation of conveyor belt, and it is very important to do a good job of maintenance in the production process of idler. Here is the maintenance method of idler machine tool: soft method: soft method is mainly corrected through system parameter compensation; Hard method: this method is mainly used in the overhaul of machine tools, such as guide rail repair and scraping, ball screw nut pair pre tightening and adjusting the reverse clearance, etc. The extensive development mode of low-level expansion and low efficiency operation has not fundamentally changed. Advanced lean management, agile manufacturing mode and 6 σ、 5S (6S) management method has not been popularized and applied, and some stainless steel idlers have not been well adhered to. The application of information technology is still at a low level, and there is still a long way from the requirements of the integration of the "two modernizations". The average labor productivity of the whole industry is only 100000 yuan/person/year. The sales profit hovered around 5%. Shauihsiunasjo shouang transportation machinery

formulate a basic line, formulate an observation schedule and monitor when filling oil. Setting the observation schedule of idler accessories bearings, such as the equipment related to the total output, environmental results, and operation results, is the key factor in selecting and setting the mechanical system in parallel with the basic selection and utilization research. When the basic observation line is formulated, it is very necessary to test once a month. For those high decibel bearings to be lubricated, the frequency of detection should be more frequent, so that the possible changes can be observed. If a bearing is in a state that is about to be destroyed, the lubricating oil can only temporarily cover up the error. However, the decibel intensity will soon rise to indicate the existence of errors. Develop a base line idler accessories bearing base line to reflect the DB strength under the condition of normal operation, no visual error, and sufficient lubrication of stainless steel idler. Comparison method: if there are multiple bearings of the same type, these bearings can be compared together. Observe each bearing with the same test method or from the same angle

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