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The world-class packaging expert sidler Technology Center Shanghai established the world leader of liquid and food plastic packaging production line - sidler Shanghai technology comparison synthetic packaging film center, which was recently established in Shanghai

according to the president of the company, Mr. Shi Juqu, the company was officially incorporated into tetra Laval group, a world recognized packaging expert. This is a milestone in the history of development. At present, tens of thousands of product categories in 140 countries have used the company's containers

in the past 15 years, China's beverage market has been growing and has become an indispensable market for Tetra Pak Laval group. According to Mr. Zhang Zhong, President of the company's Asia Pacific region, almost 70% of plastic bottles in the world are produced by Sidel machines, with the fastest pet filling and packaging line of up to 60000 bottles per hour. The company has set up a center and three sales points in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong

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