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Wp81 Microsoft headquarters remote control was criticized for listing on the mainland since February 5

on November 6, Windows Phone 8 (hereinafter referred to as wp8) was finally sold in the Chinese Mainland market this year

however, the remote-controlled bureaucratic style of Microsoft headquarters makes wp8 difficult to land in China

Microsoft's remote-control bureaucracy may make wp8 China difficult

wp8 will be launched in batches in December, and Nokia HTC will first log on

according to industry insiders, Nokia, HTC and Huawei terminals will release five wp8 models in December. Compared with wp7.5, the year-on-year time between China and the global market is much earlier, only 4 weeks later than the first batch of regions listed. It is noteworthy that the first customized version of China Mobile TD-SCDMA wp8 will also be officially on sale

Nokia lumia 920 release

among them, Nokia will officially launch lumia 920 and lumia 820 WP products in Guangzhou on December 5, including China Mobile TD-SCDMA version lumia 920t. According to the above sources, lumia 920 will be defined as Nokia's new flagship product, and all three operators have customization. The customized version of China Mobile costs 4999 yuan and will support TD-LTE in the future; Telecom version pricing 4688; The luxury version costs 5888 yuan, which is more expensive than the Apple iPhone 5 launched in the same period

HTC Windows Phone 8x

HTC will release a number of new machines in Beijing on December 6, including two wp8windows phone 8x and 8s. HTC, which first started with Windows Mobile, is also the manufacturer that produces the most WP devices, and has launched nine wp7.5. This time, wp8 has a positive attitude and rapid action. At present, it has reached cooperation with China Unicom, Chinatelecom and other operators. It is expected that large-scale distribution will be completed within 12 months, of which the price of HTC 8x is expected to exceed 4000 yuan

the cooperation between Huawei and Microsoft wp8 can be described as twists and turns. As one of the first partners of Microsoft wp8, Huawei terminal finally missed the launch ceremony because of Microsoft. However, Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei terminal, said in an interview with Sohu it that he would continue to promote the work related to wp8, and the first one would be listed in December. According to sources close to Huawei's terminals, Huawei's first wp8 product W1 is expected to be launched in late December and will be shipped on a large scale in January next year. The domestic price is expected to exceed 2500 yuan

as the world's largest intelligent manufacturer, Samsung took the lead in releasing the world's first wpativ s in August this year, but its attitude towards the release of wp8 in the Chinese market is quite mysterious. Our level of development and utilization of non-metallic materials is still generally low. According to the relevant personnel of SamSung China, there is no news about when to release at present, but the relevant negotiations with operators are nearing the end, and the products will be positioned at the medium and high end

Microsoft's bureaucratic style hurt its partners.

although wp8 was finally launched in the Chinese market at an advanced speed before the end of the year, it was faced with many problems expressed by Russian president secretary Peskov on the 11th, such as domestic consumers' understanding of wp8 products, the number of applications, sales channels, the cooperative attitude of terminal manufacturers and the remote-control bureaucratic style of Microsoft headquarters

wp7.5 before wp8 entered China in March this year, but the market response was extremely poor. By the end of September this year, its domestic smart market share was less than 2%. This also disheartened Microsoft's partners in WP. For example, the sales of Nokia torque tester Kia lumia in Chinatelecom and press conference channels were not satisfactory, and it also fell out of the top five in the global market for the first time since 2004. The existing wp7.5 does not support the policy of upgrading to wp8, which makes partners including HTC, Samsung and ZTE very injured in WP

at present, the cognition of domestic consumers on intelligence is almost all reflected in Android and iPhone, and the brand cognition and consumer demand have not really risen. However, what annoys partners is that China has no right to decide whether it is the license (system licensing) fee, marketing cooperation fee, application cooperation development, or even the release time. Everything depends on the remote control of Microsoft headquarters in the United States. Some terminal manufacturers call it poor communication, bloated organization, and full of bureaucracy

as the largest smart market in the world, China is very different from the U.S. market. No matter how many new products are released, how fast the market competition changes, or how fierce the price war is, the relevant departments of Microsoft China feel that they are always energetic and have nothing to do

in terms of application richness, Microsoft announced that its Windows Phone store has 120000 apps, which is a huge gap from 700000 apps in Apple App store and 675000 apps in Google Android Market. At the same time, the vast majority of apps previously developed for wp7.5 platform do not support wp8 terminal use

the worst thing is that Microsoft's launch time for wp8 in China collided with Apple's iPhone 5, which also made its partners suffer. For example, Samsung and Huawei plan to delay the launch time in the Chinese market. After the launch of iPhone 5, the price is expected to be 4999 yuan, and the previous generation of iPhone 4S will also be reduced by about 1000 yuan as usual. Wp8 lacks advantages in brand, channel, cognition, advertising and price. Microsoft wp8's future in China is not optimistic

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