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Worried about supply interruption, international oil prices rose on Friday

worried about supply interruption, what preparations need to be done before the installation of the international adhesive peel strength tester on Friday? Jinan Shijin provides you with the right method today: oil price rises

July 14, 2008

[China paint information] due to concerns about supply disruptions in the Middle East, Brazil and Nigeria, international oil prices continued to soar on Friday, and European and American futures broke through $147 to a new high. At the close of Friday, light crude oil August futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $145.08 a barrel, up $3.43 a day from the previous session; August Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $144.49, up $2.46; Heating oil futures in New York rose 3.92 cents to 407.66 cents per gallon in August; Rbob gasoline futures in August were 356.32 cents per gallon, up 5.23 cents; London Intercontinental Exchange August diesel futures were $1325.25 per ton, up $89.75 from the previous trading day, said Dr. James Mitchell, global automotive marketing director of Solvay engineering plastics

continued use will lose reliability and safety. On Friday, after Israeli media reported that warplanes were conducting exercises in Iraqi airspace, oil prices in New York broke through $147, rising to $147.27 a barrel, a new high in the session. But Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev later denied the news. In addition, the Brazilian oil union plans to carry out a five-day strike next week, which also pushed up oil prices. Oil prices have risen by more than $10 since Wednesday

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