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Fine chemical industry in new fields

current situation of fine chemical industry in new fields in China

fine chemical industry in new fields is a fine chemical industry that is distinguished from formed industries such as medicine, pesticides, dyes and coatings. According to the technical level of China's chemical industry and the needs of various departments of the national economy for special chemicals, and according to the application market of products, the new regulations for fine chemicals in new fields are intended to limit the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment, including more than ten categories: food additives, feed additives, industrial surfactants, water treatment agents, adhesives, papermaking chemicals, oilfield chemicals, leather chemicals, electronic chemicals, etc. With the characteristics of high technology content and high added value, it is the focus of fierce competition in the world chemical industry, and it is also one of the important symbols to measure the degree of scientific and technological development of a country

with the improvement of the technical level of various departments of the national economy, more and more special chemicals are needed to promote the improvement of product quality and performance. Fine chemical products in new fields play an important role in the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of national economic strength from people's food, air and use in all sectors of the national economy. The development of animal husbandry production in China has proved that through the development of intensive breeding industry using formula feed containing various feed additives, we can provide meat, eggs, milk and other products to the society to the greatest extent under the conditions of meeting people's grain consumption. According to the current feeding level in China, the use of various feed additives, each ton of compound feed additives can save about 25% of grain. Based on the current formula feed output, more than 10million tons can be saved every year, equivalent to the grain output of 20million mu of cultivated land. With the improvement of people's living standards, the traditional way of washing clothes can no longer meet the needs of modern life. The development of surfactants to produce all kinds of washing products for people's daily life has greatly enriched people's life; The development of modern food processing industry needs various food additives to improve the processing quality and flavor of food; The production of high-grade paper requires papermaking chemicals, etc., so developing new fields of fine chemicals is one of the important tasks of optimizing the industrial structure of China's chemical industry

after the development of four "five-year plans", China's new field of fine chemicals has taken shape. Dr. Liu has given detailed lectures on the three industry standards in terms of scope of application, classification, requirements, experimental methods and mark packaging, which can meet the needs of national economic development to a considerable extent. However, due to the late start, the investment of the state and society is limited, Some technically difficult products still rely on imports, such as high-end leather chemicals, electronic chemicals, and some key feed additives. But at the same time, we should also see that some new fields of fine chemicals in China have a very important position in the international market. For example, the annual export volume of citric acid is more than 100000 tons, accounting for 50% of the global trade volume, and the products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions

during the Seventh Five Year Plan and the eighth five year plan, the former Ministry of chemical industry successively built research and development centers for feed additives, food additives, electronic chemicals, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, oilfield chemicals, papermaking chemicals, etc. in Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou and other places, to conduct research and development on the production and application of fine chemical products in new fields with large domestic market demand, It has promoted the rapid development of fine chemicals in new fields in China. During the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, according to the different chemical bases and characteristics of various provinces and cities, the former Ministry of chemical industry established 15 fine chemical industry bases in Nantong, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhongshan, Fushun, Xiangtan, Taizhou, etc. in the R & D country of quanshishi Xinghuo aluminum products Co., Ltd. which focused on the research and development of new materials for aluminum products for 310 years, respectively focusing on different fine chemical fields, which has a certain role in promoting

due to different starting points and functions, the degree of attention paid by the society is also different, so the development level of each industry in China's new field fine chemical industry is also different

feed additives

China has more than 1000 feed additive production units, and the total production of various feed additives is nearly 1million tons, of which feed phosphate additives account for more than 80%, which can basically meet the needs of the market. However, the output of amino acids, vitamins and animal health products can not meet the needs. For example, 95% of methionine depends on imports, and some veterinary drugs with high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue basically rely on imports. Therefore, to some extent, it restricts the development of China's feed industry and the improvement of feeding level

food additives

the production of food additives in China continues to grow with the development of the food processing industry. At present, 1474 kinds of additives in 21 categories have been approved for use, and the product categories are complete, which can basically meet the needs of the food industry. In 1998, China produced 1.8 million tons of various food additives, including more than 600000 tons of refined flavor and nearly 200000 tons of citric acid. The total amount of food additives can meet the market, but due to the small production scale and low technical level of most food additive enterprises in China, there are still some gaps in product quality. Therefore, a few food additives with low consumption and high grade are still imported according to the regulations. In order to ensure the quality of their products, some joint-venture food processing enterprises and imported food processing production lines still buy similar foreign products at higher prices

industrial surfactants

China can produce about 1600 kinds of industrial surfactants, with a total output of about 700000 tons, which can meet 80% of domestic demand. Since the 1980s, with the development of the national economy, China has introduced many sets of industrial surfactant raw material production devices. However, due to the weak domestic formula research and development capacity, the existing production capacity cannot be brought into normal play. A large number of products are still imported every year. The import volume in 1998 was about 200000 tons, especially some products with high performance and products required by joint ventures

synthetic adhesives

with the additional value of market demand for choosing Airex, T92 is the increase of pet's core eco-friendly. In recent years, China's synthetic adhesives have developed rapidly, with an output of more than 1.8 million tons in 1998. It can produce 14 categories and thousands of products, which can meet the most basic needs of all sectors of the national economy. However, due to the weak strength of resin production and formula research in China, the high-performance adhesives required by the automotive industry, electronic industry and other departments still need to be imported. The total import volume in 1997 was 180000 tons, and the main products include silicone products, polyurethane products, hot melt adhesives, and PVC adhesives required by the automotive industry


after the development of four "Five-Year" plans, fine chemicals in new fields such as papermaking chemicals, water treatment agents, leather chemicals and electronic chemicals have also made great progress, with relatively complete product categories, which has promoted the development of related industries. After 20 years of development, China has made considerable achievements in fine chemicals in new fields, but with the continuous reduction of import tariffs of chemical products, Foreign products will enter China's market with more favorable prices and excellent quality, which will inevitably intensify the competition in China's fine chemical products market in new fields. We must face up to the development level of fine chemicals in China's new field and meet the challenges bravely

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