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Wrc2018 cheetah mobile and Orion star reaped thousands of intended orders for robots. China's service robot industry broke the ice

on August 17, 2018, a themed signing ceremony entitled "robots · Sheng · banquet" was held in Beijing. The world is a normal life experience. The well-known mobile Internet enterprise cheetah mobile, together with its artificial intelligence company Orion star, signed an intentional purchase order for thousands of leopard secret robots with 13 enterprises from ten industries. Fu Sheng, chairman and CEO of cheetah mobile, and heads of enterprises such as Youke workshop, Risheng Tianxin, Lucheng technology and new human attended the signing ceremony. Under the background that industrial robots have been dominating the development of the industry, this "robot · Sheng · Yan" with an intention to order thousands of units is tantamount to an ice breaking move to serve the robot industry in China

(the picture shows the group photo of the heads of 13 signing enterprises at the signing ceremony)

it is understood that the protagonist of this signing ceremony, leopard secretary, is a five-star service reception robot, which condenses the powerful human-computer interaction product gene of cheetah mobile and the full chain AI technology of brain, eyes, ears, mouth, legs and hands independently developed by Orion starry sky. In order to meet the customized needs of different industries and enterprises and make the user experience smoother, leopard Secretary adopts a high-speed can bus system with faster response speed; At the same time, it also integrates the high-end hardware chip platform in the industry, with better data computing performance. It is worth mentioning that leopard secretary's core technologies such as voice vision, indoor navigation and algorithm are all self-developed, which greatly improves the integration ability

(1. If the stop lever doesn't reply in time, the picture shows the world's first five-star service reception robot leopard secretary in charge of reception at the scene)

at the signing scene, Yang Zhenxian, CEO of Lucheng technology, admitted that he was very confident in Leopard secretary. He counted in detail in today's era of horse racing and enclosure in the robot market, Cheetah mobile and Orion star robots have three unique advantages: first, AI full chain technology can be closely combined with human-computer interaction product capabilities to help enterprises quickly solve applications in different scenarios; Secondly, due to the independent research and development of AI full chain technology, including vision, navigation and so on, leopard Secretary can realize the customization needs of the navigation scene in a very short time, while ensuring stability and security, and ensuring the smooth experience of users; Finally, cheetah mobile and Orion star have a high degree of openness and practical application of product thinking, so the two sides reached a high degree of agreement

it is understood that cheetah mobile, together with its Hunter XingKong and Lucheng technology, based on the AI navigation robot jointly developed by the leopard secretary, has served the bird's nest Convention and Exhibition Center. Through face recognition technology, it can judge and find tourists, and provide welcome reception, route guidance, exhibition interpretation, intelligent photography and dialogue Q & A services

according to Fang Wei, chairman of Risheng Tianxin, in the era of artificial intelligence, all walks of life hope to achieve self breakthrough through AI technology. The cooperation with cheetah mobile and Orion star can help rishengtianxin really bring AI technology into the office building scene. In the future, we will be able to provide services for more than 700 office buildings owned by Risheng Tianxin, 30000 b-end enterprises and 1.5 million C-end users, so as to realize the era of artificial intelligence in the context of office buildings. Fang Wei said at the signing site that he chose to cooperate with cheetah mobile and Orion star. In addition to the company's own strength and products, we also saw what the cheetah team led by President Fu agreed with us: pragmatism and continuous innovation

not only traditional office buildings, with the rapid emergence of start-ups, shared office space is also rapidly spreading across the country, and intelligent office scenes have become one of the important life scenes. As a well-known joint office space in China, the Youke factory that participated in the signing has arranged more than 160 shared spaces in 35 cities around the world. At present, more than 6000 enterprises with dreams have gathered, with a total of more than 100000 members and a total management area of 500000 square meters. Ms. coo care of Youke factory said: in the digital business environment, the degree of office intelligence has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of enterprise efficiency. Cheetah mobile and Orion star, which have many self-developed artificial intelligence technologies, can bring new service scenario solutions to these enterprises through product and technological innovation

Ms. concerned believes that cheetah mobile and Orion star currently have mature market products in artificial intelligence. With regard to the ease of use of artificial intelligence in office scenes, she further put forward her own ideas: in the future, leopard secretary's face recognition technology, speech recognition technology, intelligent patrol, video link and photo processing functions can be directly applied to intelligent conference rooms, access control management and security; In addition, the self-propelled vending machine leopard hawker and mechanical arm coffee booth leopard coffee can make unmanned service possible. At the same time, relying on the application of big data analysis scenarios, taking the workstation as the smallest unit of data collection, and using the analysis results of big data, we can realize accurate analysis of customer behavior analysis, push enterprise service providers, ordering and beverage customers' usage habits and power consumption, and even extend to personal services

at this 2018 World robot conference, it is no accident that leopard secretary is popular in all industries. Cheetah mobile and Orion star pursue to make really useful robots actually solve the problems faced by users in the real application environment, rather than pursuing simple cool and gimmicks. Fu Sheng, chairman and CEO of cheetah mobile, mentioned in his speech on the morning of the 17th that service robots are the entry point and important growth point of the future market, and artificial intelligence is the core of the next round of technological change. According to Fu Sheng, the era of human-computer coexistence is bound to come. Cheetah mobile actively promotes the integration of software and hardware of artificial intelligence and helps upgrade China's service industry

xunliang, the founder of new humanity, said that the same goal, deep technological complementarity and open cooperation policy can allow them to have more free space to cooperate with cheetah mobile and ISO method, which requires the force value accuracy of the pressure testing machine to be ≯± 1.0%

the signing of the experimental media hydraulic oil and water for the intended order of baoxiaosecretary qiantai confirms the ability and development trend of the scene landing of service robots, and has become a milestone in the development of China's service robot industry. With the continuous excavation of future application needs, cheetah Mobile's robot products with true usefulness and true openness as the strategic core and AI full chain technology independently developed by its AI company Orion star will usher in more opportunities in the future

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