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LCD off screen fingerprint recognition has made further breakthroughs and ushered in new growth opportunities in the middle end.

in the past two years, driven by the comprehensive screen trend, OLED off screen fingerprint recognition schemes have been hot. This is closely related to the good self illumination and light transmittance of OLED screen. Because that means that manufacturers can combine the visible light camera with the display panel through the process of a specific product matrix including nylon, and use the light transmittance of OLED panel to obtain fingerprints by "taking photos". On the LCD screen, because it has independent backlight, polarizer and other multi-layer materials, which limits the spread of "light", so that the scheme of fingerprint under the screen could not be mass produced on the LCD in the past, which has also become the focus of the whole industry to provide lessons and suggestions for China's biodegradable plastic technology and industry

but yesterday, Shenzhen Fushi technology announced at a press conference held in Shenzhen that the company officially launched a fingerprint recognition scheme under the LCD panel. According to Mr. Mo Lianghua, the general manager of the company, this is the result of more than 100 people's research and development over the past two years

according to the data, Shenzhen Fushi technology, which has just been established, has been developing software and hardware technologies such as 3D sensing, on-screen fingerprint and off screen fingerprint recognition in the past two years. In the process of promoting these projects, it also provides a rich reference for them to develop fingerprint recognition technology under LCD screen

for example, when studying 3D face recognition schemes, the R & D team gained a lot of experience, which was successfully absorbed into the research and development of off screen fingerprints, making product research and development usher in one technological breakthrough after another after a period of platform period, and successfully transformed into predictable technological achievements

through the continuous transformation and attempt of LCD backlight and the continuous adjustment and improvement of fingerprint optical path scheme, Fushi technology has successfully solved the bottleneck problems such as display effect and fingerprint imaging effect. Around the Spring Festival in 2019, they achieved the first LCD panel + off screen fingerprint scheme that can clearly see fingerprint images in the company's laboratory. By adopting the latest deep learning neural network algorithm optimization in the limited environment corresponding to the fingerprint acquisition under the LCD screen, the rapid identification of the fingerprint under the LCD screen is realized

Lin Feng, deputy general manager of Fushi technology research and development, also said: "at present, its fingerprint recognition rate under the LCD screen is comparable to the traditional capacitive fingerprint, and the algorithm is still evolving.". "In the development of fingerprints under the LCD screen, perseverance is crucial, and only by enduring can we grasp the final success", he further pointed out

according to the author, before and after the press conference, the R & D team of Fushi technology adjusted and iterated the product scheme again, in order to obtain a larger finger detection area and improve the user experience of such a large load range with the help of interchangeable loading components. With these insistence, the fingerprint recognition under the LCD screen of Fushi technology has attracted domestic first-line brand manufacturers who have developed with them a large number of VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the paint, and plans to officially realize mass production this year

in this research and development process, the company has also accumulated more than 160 patents, which not only ensures its own technology, but also lays a solid foundation for the company to promote the next generation of products. While releasing this scheme, Fushi technology is also cooperating with industry manufacturers to promote the implementation of the fingerprint recognition scheme under the second generation LCD screen. In addition, they are also promoting the accelerated R & D and implementation of fingerprint schemes under large area and ultra-thin OLED screens. Lay out for further development in the future

due to the fierce competition in the whole intelligent industry, cost will be a focus for any scheme. When asked this question, Mr. Lin Feng told: "the current off screen fingerprint identification scheme of LCD and the off screen fingerprint identification scheme of OLED cost about the same, but if we compare 'oled+ off screen fingerprint' and 'lcd+ off screen fingerprint scheme', the advantage of the latter will be very obvious". In the author's opinion, the plan of Fushi may promote the "upgrading" of medium and low-end industries in the near future

according to statistics, the global smart shipment in 2018 was about 1.46 billion, most of which was contributed by the middle and low-end users who used LCD screens. These users also have a great desire for off screen fingerprint solutions. This plan of Fushi technology can help upgrade relevant products and bring more benefits to the company. Mo Lianghua also stressed: "Fushi technology pays special attention to equality and openness. Good products are developed by product lines and R & D teams. As long as they can prove themselves, the company's resources and funds will continue to promote the implementation of this product. We not only welcome new and old customers to cooperate for win-win results, but also welcome industry talents, technical partners and investors to come to us to find suitable opportunities and realize greater value."

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