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World class paper base settled in Dongguan

recently, Liwen Paper Co., Ltd., with an investment of HK $3.6 billion, officially settled in Hongmei Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It is reported that the project plans to build a paper-making base with an annual output of 2million tons. In addition to introducing four of the world's most advanced paper-making production lines, its supporting facilities are also a huge project, including a 200000 kW power plant, an incinerated graphene industrialization road with a daily treatment of 300 tons of garbage, a garbage power plant with a long garbage power plant, and a sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment of 100000 cubic meters

it is reported that after the completion of the whole project, the base will become one of the largest papermaking bases in the world, and the annual output value will exceed 6billion yuan after it is put into operation, which can bring 100million yuan of tax revenue to the country every year

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