Successful development of the hottest indoor panel

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The indoor panel construction robot has been successfully developed

the traditional indoor decoration, from the transportation, cutting to installation of panels, is completely manual, which is time-consuming and laborious, and can not ensure the standardization of the whole operation process, and the labor cost is high. In the construction industry, where human resources account for an increasing proportion of total costs, how to reduce labor costs if possible while ensuring the standardization of project quality has always been a problem for the industry, and the environmental vibration standard GB 10070 (8) in urban areas. Recently, the "indoor panel building robot system" developed by Hebei Construction Engineering Group has successfully overcome this problem

it is understood that in 2009, the "indoor panel building robot system" project jointly developed by Hebei Construction Engineering Group and Hebei University of technology was approved in the "863" plan. According to Li Yunxiao, chairman of the group, the prototype of the project has been successfully produced and is currently undergoing field tests. It is expected that the production and actual operation will be put into operation during the "12th Five Year Plan", when the interior decoration problems that have plagued the construction industry for many years will be solved

another scientific research project of Hebei Construction Engineering Group, "building plate robotic construction equipment and demonstration application" has also been recommended by the Provincial Department of science and technology to the state. Since the fourth policy year, the Ministry of science and technology will no longer be charged to participate in the national "12th Five Year Plan" reserve projects, and the elongation of some materials can be above 1000%

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