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Type of information leakage protection shielding machine room

as a communication line for data transmission, use a vernier caliper or micrometer to measure the width and thickness of the middle of the sample. When working, a magnetic field of different strengths will be formed around the cable and spread to all directions. The electric information processing equipment also has a strong magnetic field when used, which will inevitably spread all kinds of processed information to a certain space. However, relevant equipment and instruments can be used to detect it, and then after further processing, the data information transmitted in the cable or sent by the processing equipment can be obtained, which is electromagnetic leakage

as the center of network information, the main products of network and data room are high-end aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy and alloy steel forgings. The equipment is relatively centralized. There should be better security measures to ensure the security of all kinds of information and prevent the information content from radiating into the surrounding space with electromagnetic waves. "Shielding" is to surround the signal source with metal or metal plate, and use the metal layer to prevent the internal signal from being emitted outward, and at the same time, it can also prevent the external signal from entering the metal layer. Apply the "shielding" effect to the network and data room, and the experimental frequency is 0.5 (5) Hz; With the current screen room. Correctly using different types of screen rooms or screen rooms is a reliable technical measure to prevent information leakage. Government departments, food institutions, especially secret departments such as public security departments, security departments, the military, digital certification centers, etc. pay more and more attention to the security of computer systems and electrified information. In order to prevent information leakage or system interference, the construction of screen computer room is required to increase, and the proportion of screen engineering in the construction of computer room system engineering is also increased

there are mainly the following types of screen machine rooms for information leakage protection

(1) the basic classification of shielding includes electrostatic shielding, electromagnetic shielding, magnetic shielding, etc

(2) the technical measures to prevent electromagnetic radiation leakage mainly include the configuration of video information protector (jammer), the construction of electromagnetic shielding room, the configuration of low radiation equipment, etc

(3) the screen machine room is divided into detachable and non detachable from the structure

(4) according to the purpose of use, it is divided into confidential machine rooms that prevent information leakage and non electromagnetic environment machine rooms that prevent electromagnetic interference

(5) in terms of performance standards, it is divided into national level and military standard level; The national military standard is divided into Grade 8 and grade C in terms of performance. The "C" screen room has the highest screen performance. It is mainly used in confidential occasions where high-tech aircraft respond to equipment failure within 24 hours, such as national security confidentiality and military confidential confidentiality

the commonly used screen machine rooms for information leakage protection mainly include:

(1) metal screen machine room

metal screen machine room is to install wooden or metal frames on the wall, top and ground of the machine room, and install copper or iron on the frames to achieve the screen effect. It can be used in occasions with general requirements for screens

(2) steel plate assembled electromagnetic screen machine room

steel plate assembled electromagnetic screen machine room shell VI and the steel plate screen layer is made of steel plate by folding into unit modules through special machine tool molds, and assembled through bolts, nuts, gaskets and conductive liners. This kind of machine room can be disassembled and assembled according to needs. It is convenient for transportation and installation. It has light self weight, good electromagnetic sealing performance and can be reused. It is mainly used in fields with high requirements for shielding performance

(3) steel plate welded electromagnetic screen machine room

steel plate welded electromagnetic screen machine room adopts different specifications of module steel plates welded together, with strong structural rigidity, good performance indicators, high reliability of electromagnetic seals, and a wide range of applications. It is suitable for all kinds of screens in computer rooms and communication rooms

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