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The high-strength home furnishing industry has mushroomed. The stretchable paper bag has been successfully developed. After a long period of technical preparation and market research, Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. successfully developed the high-strength stretchable paper bag paper at the beginning of this year, and all technical indicators have reached the technical standards of CLUPAK company in the United States. The production of stretch bag paper adopts the internationally common technology and the mature beating process of high consistency beating consistency beating double disc grinding finishing to ensure the beating quality. The internationally advanced collecting floating plate front box is adopted to improve the rectification effect of pulp distribution and greatly improve the uniformity of paper. Electronic computer is used to control the water content, ration and pulp speed ratio of paper, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality

declare that new materials for home appliances will also usher in more opportunities and challenges:

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