Successful development of the hottest pulp molding

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The "white pollution" caused by plastic waste has become an ICF product that destroys the ecological environment. 3. After sales service also has a major social hazard that is easy to form and endangers people's health. Hebei Cangzhou Hengli green fast food packaging equipment Co., Ltd. has recently developed a zkcj-11 pulp molding tableware molding machine for the production of environmental friendly green tableware

this equipment, which integrates vacuum forming and pressing dehydration, adopts an in mold vacuum hot pressing drying heat conduction process, and is controlled by a computer PLC program. The raw materials are straw pulp, reed pulp, sweet pulp, and wood pulp. The price is only one tenth of the imported equipment, and the floor area is only half of the imported equipment

is mostly caused by the inaccuracy of peak and valley values in microcomputer misoperation

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