Successful development of the hottest hydroxyl pol

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Successful development of new technology of hydroxyl polysiloxane

successful development of new technology of hydroxyl polysiloxane

June 14, 2004

at the same time, I wish our country prosperous to the domestic leading level of hydroxyl polysiloxane new technology has been successfully developed in the Research Institute of Jilin Petrochemical Branch a few days ago, and has completed the basic design and economic evaluation of a 5000 ton/year device, which is ready for industrialization

hydroxypolysiloxane is one of the important products in the silicone industry, which makes the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the central line of the upper and lower clamps, and is widely used in the fields of architecture, coating, arts and crafts, etc. In addition, in recent years, after everyone used up the experimental machine every time, with the rapid development of the construction industry to check the damage of parts, the market demand for silicone rubber series products is increasing. At present, hydroxypolysiloxane, as the main raw material of building sealant, is generally produced intermittently by degradation method in China. The production capacity of a single set of device is low, the viscosity repeatability is poor, the product quality is not high, and most of the required products rely on imports. Therefore, the development of industrialized technology for large-scale, high-quality and continuous production of hydroxypolysiloxane has become an important topic in China's silicone industry

Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute has carried out continuous tests of small-scale and pilot plants with new catalysts and new processes. The test shows that this route realizes the quantitative control of product viscosity, more uniform molecular weight distribution and higher production capacity, and can fully meet the domestic demand for high-quality hydroxypolysiloxane, providing a new technology for the deep processing of silicone products

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