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China Machine Tool Industry Association and Dalian Science and Technology Bureau, together with the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, recently organized a high-level technical demonstration meeting for high-end CNC systems and key components of CNC machine tools. At the meeting, experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of technology, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, Dalian machine tool, central China CNC and other domestic scientific research institutions and machine tool industry conducted a comprehensive technical demonstration on the "all digital bus open high-end CNC system" and the "single and double axis turntables and double pendulum milling heads directly driven by sub torque motors based on external rotation and instigation of current experimental states" projects of Dalian Guangyang science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd, And spoke highly of it. This shows that China will develop high-end CNC systems with 65 employees

"all digital bus open high-end CNC system" is the mainstream technology and development trend of high-end CNC systems in the world at present. At present, most foreign brand systems adopt all digital bus transmission technology, but long-term technical barriers make this technology a "bottleneck" for the development of high-end CNC systems in China. As one of the key components of high-end CNC machine tools, "single and double axis turntables and double swing milling heads directly driven by external rotor torque motors" are also 100% dependent on imports in China at present. Because this product has been monopolized by several major international companies, resulting in a long supply cycle and high prices, and even because of China's sales ban policy, it is often impossible to buy it with money. Therefore, in the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan", It is listed as a major research project

as a new technology-based enterprise, Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of high-end open CNC systems based on analog data transmission, and has successively put them on the market by integrating the social resources of domestic universities, scientific research institutions and machine tool industry on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing the significantly increased demand for participating catheters in foreign advanced technology markets for many years. However, compared with foreign advanced systems, there is still a considerable gap in the architecture and signal transmission mode

after many arguments, the experts at the meeting agreed that the company and its partners have strong technological R & D capabilities and feasible R & D plans. On the basis of developing China's high-end CNC system, Dalian Guangyang science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. approved the project. The following is Jinan Shijin, an experimental machine manufacturer in Jinan, to introduce to you which eight types of key functional components of high-end CNC equipment are available, forming the comprehensive supporting capacity of China's high-end CNC equipment, Give a high evaluation. Cheng Ting, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said in an interview that these two projects are relatively sensitive topics in the industry. Guangyang technology's plan not only represents the mainstream of international development, but also its spirit is valuable. He is full of confidence in the company's ability to develop these two cutting-edge technologies and realize industrialization

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