Precautions for the hottest bronzing process

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Precautions for bronzing process

1. Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil should use paper, ink (especially black ink), dry oil, and glue compounded by general lead screw. Hot stamping must be kept dry in order to avoid oxidation or damage to the bronzing layer

2. Store in a cool and ventilated place against pressure, moisture, heat and sun

3. General packaging: 0. One roll of 64M 120, one box for every 10 rolls. You can also customize the width f to 0. 64M, with a length of 24. It has a video frequency of 0m or 360m: volume, or other special specifications

4. Hot stamping foil with appropriate safety distance must be selected according to different hot objects. During hot stamping, we must master the cooperation of temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed, and make differences according to the hot stamping materials and hot stamping area

5. Master the speed and direction of the turning knife when cutting

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