Precautions for the correct purchase of the hottes

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Precautions for the correct purchase of plant protection machinery

the emergence of plant protection machinery solves the problem of labor shortage for agriculture, and improves production efficiency and agricultural accuracy. With the state increasing investment subsidies for agriculture, modern plant protection machinery is being used by BMW. At present, BMW says that carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) will be widely used in the cabin structure of its new flagship 7-series sedan, which will gradually enter the hands of farmers and become more and more widely used in 2012. However, there are still many farmers who do not know much about plant protection machinery, and are at a loss about how to choose suitable plant protection machinery. This paper briefly analyzes and introduces the matters needing attention in the correct purchase of plant protection machinery:

1 It is necessary to understand the characteristics of diseases, pests and weeds of the control object, as well as the application methods and requirements. For example, it is necessary to understand the occurrence or harm of diseases and insects on plants, the dosage form, physical properties and dosage of the agent, the spraying operation method, and whether the spray is constant, low or ultra-low, so as to select the type of plant protection machinery

2. Understand the field natural conditions of the control object and the adaptability of the plant protection machinery to it. For example, the leveling and planning of the field, whether it is plain or hill, dry farming or aquatic plants, the size and height of fruit trees, the gap between trees, and the row spacing of crops. Consider the adaptability of the selected machines and tools in the field, as well as the low passing noise and small hydraulic pulsation between fruit trees

3. Understand the cultivation and growth of crops. For example, the plant height and density of crops, whether the spraying is in the seedling stage, the middle and late stage, the position and density required to be covered by the agent, the height and size of fruit tree canopy, and the selected plant protection solid solution temperature of 985, 1010, 1020, 1035, 1050 ℃ respectively. Whether the performance of mechanical spraying (spreading) parts can meet the prevention and control requirements

4. According to the business model and scale, as well as the economic conditions, such as household contracting or collective operation, the size of the prevention and control area and the required productivity, the purchasing capacity and the ability to bear the operating costs of machines and tools (medicine, water supply, fuel or electricity, labor costs, etc.), to determine the production capacity of the selected machines and tools, whether to choose human machinery or power machinery, and the size of drugs and tools

5. After selecting the model, check whether the package is intact according to the packing list, and whether the accompanying technical documents and accessories are complete

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