Precautions for the hottest pallet transportation

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Precautions for pallet transportation

pallet transportation: it is a transportation method that goods are assembled on a standard pallet according to certain requirements and combined into a transportation unit, which is convenient for loading, unloading, consignment and stacking by forklift or pallet elevator

pallet supply:

1. It is provided by the carrier. The goods are loaded on the pallet at the loading place, and then the goods are loaded on the means of transportation together with the pallet. When the consignee at the unloading place picks up the goods, it is carried away together with the pallet, and the empty pallet is returned within the specified time

2. the shipper shall prepare a simple pallet and deliver it to the consignee together with the goods

precautions for pallet transportation:

1. Miscellaneous goods in packages are suitable for pallet transportation. Bulk naked, overweight and ultra long goods or refrigerated goods cannot be used. The fixture on the experimental machine should be able to immediately align into one line for pallet transportation

2. It must comply with the provisions of pallet stowage

3. Each pallet of cargo must be tied firmly

4. The pallet itself is free of freight in international freight

5. All transportation documents must be marked with the words "widely used in automobile, not only for 3D printing of door panels, instrument panels, bumpers, air conditioning vents, rearview mirror frames, central controller panels and other auto parts tray transportation"

source of information: foreign enterprise China

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