Precautions for the hottest scaffold removal

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Precautions for scaffold demolition

scaffold demolition is more dangerous than scaffold erection. A demolition operation plan must be formulated according to the engineering conditions, working environment and scaffold characteristics, and the following matters should be paid attention to:

(I) before operation, deal with the current situation of scaffold, including deformation, connection between rods, connection with buildings and support plastic bags. Why are they rarely recycled? " And the working environment

(II) carry out research and division of labor according to the operation plan

(III) remove obstacles, remove sundries on the scaffold and the ground working environment. Before demolition, the dangerous operation area shall be delimited, surrounded and guarded

(IV) during the demolition operation, a special person shall be assigned on the ground to command and carry out the demolition uniformly according to the requirements. The demolition procedure is to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is opposite to the erection procedure. It is to be erected first and then demolished, and it is to be demolished layer by layer from top to bottom. It is forbidden to work up and down at the same time. When removing, first remove the protective railings, safety and other additional rods, and transfer the scaffold board downward, leaving a scaffold board for each gear for easy operation

(V) the demolition sequence should be carried out along the intersection of scaffolds. When demolishing by sections, the height difference should not be greater than 2 steps to maintain the stability of the scaffold demolition process; When demolishing the facade, it is necessary to add transverse diagonal braces at both ends of some scaffolds that are not demolished for the time being. The data has good discreteness, and they should be reinforced before demolition; When removing the diagonal bracing, the middle fasteners should be removed first, and then the fasteners at both ends should be removed to prevent the cantilever bar from deforming due to the accumulated beam

(VI) the wall connecting parts shall not be removed in advance. They can be removed only when they are removed to the wall connecting parts layer by layer. Before the removal of the last wall connecting part, the throwing support shall be set on the vertical rod first, so as to ensure the stability of the vertical rod in the removal

(VII) during the demolition operation, pay attention to the reliability of the operation position at any time, hang the safety belt firmly, and do not throw the removed rods, fasteners, scaffold boards, etc. to the ground

(VIII) the ground personnel should closely cooperate with the demolition personnel to stack the removed rods according to the type, so the heat distribution of the screw is uniform and the specification is neat

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