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Precautions for the installation of anti-theft devices

before, the factory does not advocate installing anti-theft alarms on vehicles, but users do need to install them, so they should choose mature and mainstream brands in the current market. There should be a certain difference from the actual test value here. Don't remind me that when some distribution and maintenance stores install the anti-theft device for users, the installation of the anti-theft device under the condition of not affecting the appearance is extremely irregular, which leads to many potential safety hazards in the later use of the vehicle (at least damage the battery, igniter, voltage stabilizing rectifier and other related parts, and even burn the vehicle in serious cases). In order to reduce hidden dangers and standardize the installation of anti-theft devices, users should pay attention to the following items when installing anti-theft devices:

1 If there is an anti-theft connector on the vehicle wiring harness, install an anti-theft connector on the connector

2. If there is no immobilizer connector on the wire and an immobilizer needs to be installed, the positive wire of the immobilizer should be connected to the rear of the fuse tube

3. When installing the anti-theft device, the joint should be fastened and reliable, and the wire core should not be exposed (wrap it with electrical tape to avoid short circuit). The impact of such errors on large load measurement is relatively small

1 some countries are under the guise of safety and health

4 The wiring of the immobilizer harness shall not be squeezed or interfered

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