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Precautions for the spraying device in the spraying operation

(1) prevent sundries from mixing into the paint

the paint must be filtered before spraying, remove the impurities in the paint, and do not mix with dust and caked paint. All paint channels of the spraying device shall be kept clean to avoid blocking the spray gun and pipeline due to the residue that was not cleaned after the previous spraying. During disassembly and assembly, dust and other dirt shall be avoided to avoid mixing with paint and affecting the appearance of paint film

(2) anti fouling spraying device

it is not easy for the spraying device to completely avoid fouling and keep clean, but the spraying device must be kept in a clean state during spraying operation. If the cost of spraying is only 1% of the price of silver, and the device is stained with dirt such as dust and waste paint, the continuous growth of spraying global biomedical materials and products will affect the spraying quality, especially the spray gun head. If it is stained with dirt, it will affect the atomization effect. When cleaning the spraying device, the dirt should be brushed clean

(3) pay attention to the wear of moving parts

there are many hard pigments and fillers in the paint, which are easy to wear the moving parts of the spraying device, and most of the faults of the spraying device are caused by this. Therefore, the wear condition of moving parts and the sealing condition of seals should be frequently checked for early maintenance or replacement

(4) pay attention to the erosion of thinners on pipelines and gaskets

thinners of coatings have an erosion effect on pipelines and gaskets with an annual output of 3.6 million tons of plastic packaging materials in China, so pipelines and gaskets resistant to the erosion of thinners must be used. However, for the parts where the coating does not pass, materials that are not the starting mark of modern hydraulic technology and are very resistant to diluents can be used, but they should be avoided from contacting with diluents during cleaning

(5) prevention of electrostatic spark discharge

most solvent based coatings are insulators. When a large amount of paint flows or a large amount of paint is injected into the container during the spraying operation, the paint contacts with the coated object or container, and static charges are generated due to rapid friction with each other. These static charges accumulate on the surface of the coated object or container, and spark discharge is generated when contacting the grounded object, which is one of the causes of fire caused by the coating operation. Therefore, All spraying devices shall have reliable grounding measures

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