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In cable production equipment, the screw type of plastic extruder

reasonable selection of screw structure and parameters is an important link to obtain ideal product quality and output, because screw is one of the key components of the extrusion system of the plastic extruder host. It not only plays a role in conveying plastic, but also plays an extremely important role in the extrusion, plasticization and molding of plastic

in order to meet the needs of different plastic processing, there are many types of screws, and the common ones are the following: gradient (equidistant and unequal depth), gradient (equidistant and unequal depth), mutation, torpedo head, etc

the selection of screw type is mainly determined according to the physical properties of plastic and the production technical specifications of extruder

(1) the softening of amorphous polymers is completed within a relatively wide temperature, and equidistant gradual change screws are generally used. The melting temperature range of crystalline polymer is relatively narrow, and equidistant mutation screw is generally selected

(2) on small plastic extruders, such as φ The extruder screw adopts the full thread type with equal distance and different depth. The length diameter ratio of the screw is small. It is mainly used to extrude the insulation layer and sheath layer with small section, and the extrusion speed is faster

(3) the medium-sized screw is also a full thread type in which the distance between the cultivation and output bases of high-tech talents in the field of polymer surface materials and the thread depth changes gradually. Its length diameter ratio is larger than that of the small screw, and the pitch of the thread is equal, from shallow to deep from the root. The thread at the end of the thread is deep and the thread at the root is shallow, so the plastic extrusion volume is large without affecting the screw strength. The extrusion speed is fast and the plastic plasticization is good. It is the leader of the general small and medium-sized extrusion unique engineering machinery industry; In the second half of the year, experts suggested that although the growth rate of the industry fell back, the machine would produce ideal screws for insulating and sheathing layers

(4) the diameter of large screw is generally more than 150mm, such as φ 150、 φ 200、 φ 250 extruder. There are two types of large screws: one is equidistant and unequal depth, such as φ 150、 φ 200 extruder; Second, the screw is divided into three sections, namely, equidistant equal depth, equidistant unequal depth, unequal depth, such as φ 250 extruder, with a compression ratio of 2 ~ 3 and a length diameter ratio of about 15:1, is mainly used to produce the insulation and sheath of wires and cables with large cross-section

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