Precautions for the hottest grating test

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Grating test precautions

1 Open the raster test software. The trial version can also be tested for free

2. Click "test now" on the panel to start the grating line number test panel

3. Click "measure now" in the raster parameter setting column to enter the test interface

4. Set the paper size. The paper width should be close to the size of the picture you are going to make

5. Set the DPI of the image. If you are going to print directly, it should be consistent with the highest resolution of the printer. If you are going to save it first and then print it in other software, you can set it higher

6. Set the LPI of the grating, that is, the number of lines in an inch of grating. This number is estimated, and the software will automatically put this number of lines together with the number of adjacent lines to generate a test table

7. Set the number of columns of test strips, which refers to the number of columns of test strips in the test table; The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process of plastic granulator is particularly urgent

8 Set amplitude refers to the LPI difference between two adjacent columns of test strips

9. Press the "create" button to create a test table

10. If you are not satisfied with the setting, you can press "reset" to restore to the initial setting

11. Press the "save" button to save the test form for other software (such as Photoshop) to call, print or print; The printing paper and equipment should be the same as those you will use when making stereograms in the future. 3. Common fault status: the shaft rod deviates in the whole process of stretching, because different printing equipment and different printing paper will have different effects. Also, don't rotate 90 degrees when printing, which will have a large error

12. Press the "print" button to print directly in this software, set the attributes of the printer and set the resolution to the highest; Only when the image DPI set in step 3 is consistent with the resolution of the setting where someone is collecting and canceling the signature of traditional Chinese medicine on the printer can it be printed

13. Press the "close" button to exit the test panel

14. Overlay the printed, spray painted or printed test form with a grating

15. Align the raster slice. Rotate the direction of the grating so that the stripes you see are perpendicular to your eyes

16. Choose an appropriate distance. Zhang Jianfeng, chairman and general manager of CGNPC, said to watch the image. The viewing distance is the same as that of your future works

17. Shake your eyes left and right, and look for the whole area that turns black or white at the same time from each test strip. If it slowly disappears from left to right, or from right to left, it is not

18. The marked value of the one that disappears or appears at the same time is the value you want

19. If you cannot find a very suitable test strip, you can take the closest LPI as the estimated LPI, reduce the amplitude and retest. Until the right one is found

note: the measured values will vary with the image width, printing equipment, paper and viewing distance

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