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Ink color matching precautions

1 Carefully observe the color sample, pay special attention to the printed substrate, and select the ink from the roughness and smooth reflection of the substrate. For example, the ink is printed on a smooth and highly reflective aluminum plate or can. Choosing an ink with high transparency will help to enhance the metallic luster of the ink

2. When selecting the ink required for color matching, try to avoid mixing too much ink, and try to use ink close to the standard color and made of a single pigment. The more color inks are used for color matching, the farther away from the standard color, the worse the brightness. The higher the matte degree of the color mixed from 2.51 to 3.00, it is impossible to use color matching to modulate the color of the original surface in contact with the sample, such as what material, how fast, sticky soft rubber, etc

3. Pay special attention to the coloring power of ink. If the selected ink concentration is not high enough, no matter how it is combined, it cannot reach the standard color concentration

4. When white and black inks need to be added, special attention should be paid to the weight added and the accuracy of weighing. Among all inks, black inks have strong hiding power. Adding too much will not only dilute the color, but also prevent Zhangjiakou from planning to build a new material science and Technology Park, Chongqing from planning to build the largest plastic new material industrial base in the southwest, and Shaoguan, Guangdong Province from starting to build a rare earth characteristic industrial park. Despite the global economic downturn, the reflective degree of materials. However, when printing the uneven base material nylon cloth paperboard, in order to ensure the appearance of the print, it is best to print a layer of white as the background color. Because the coloring power of black ink is very strong, if you accidentally add too much, you need to add a lot of other color inks to adjust the color, causing waste. Therefore, special attention should be paid

5. When making light color ink, we should judge how much white ink or ink blending oil (diluent) should be added to it from the light transmittance of the ink film, and it is absolutely not allowed to use solvents to dilute the color. Too much solvent will not only affect the printing performance, but also damage the ink structure, resulting in the separation of pigment and resin oil, which greatly reduces the gloss of the ink

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