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Jiangzhaozhong: under anti-dumping, the glass fiber industry should expand domestic demand and adjust product structure. In view of the current EU anti-dumping incident against China's glass fiber, Professor jiangzhaozhong, a consultant of China Glass Fiber Industry Association, said that China's glass fiber industry is relatively export-oriented, which will cause some countries to protect trade through anti-dumping. Recently, India, Turkey and the European Union have successively launched anti-dumping sanctions against China, and the European Union has put forward more than 40% high tariffs on China's glass fiber industry

in this anti-dumping, both India and the EU have given the whole industry high tariffs of more than 40%. However, for private enterprises producing high-grade products such as Changhai glass fiber, the EU has raised the tariffs to about 10%, while India has only given 0% tariffs, mainly because their products are of good quality and relatively expensive

Professor Jiang said that the most important issue in international trade and the most concerned issue of enterprises is "anti-dumping". In our glass fiber industry, it is no exception. Large enterprises with high-quality and strong products such as Chongqing International have already foreseen such problems. Therefore, in the process of cooperating with customers to ensure the normal operation of the transmission part, they will sign some long-term contracts. When the tariff is increased, the user will bear the responsibility, and some EU enterprises will agree to such an agreement. For such enterprises with pre plan measures, the impact will not be great. Even if the anti-dumping tariff is finally established, the product prices of Chongqing International will also cause friction in Europe, and it can also compete with big companies such as Owens Corning in the continental market

the EU's anti-dumping will have some impact on the whole domestic glass fiber industry. As for how big it is, it also depends on the preparation of our enterprises' response measures. Now it is only a preliminary determination, and the final result still needs to wait for some time. If the anti-dumping is finally established, although the shadow fixture is the combination of these structures, it will be very beneficial if the price of domestic glass fiber products can be raised

what should our enterprises do now? We should learn some "game planning" from anti-dumping. First, for domestic enterprises, to further adjust their business strategies, they should mainly focus on expanding domestic demand. In the future, the domestic market is very promising. The 12th Five Year Plan points out that China's composite industry will at least double in the future. For example, in the fields of environmental protection, transportation and so on, the development and application of composite materials are not satisfactory. In the future, we will pay more attention to research and development, so that composite materials can be more easily involved, There is a lot of room for development; Second, we should improve the quality of our products and adjust the proportion of exports. We should not only focus on the quantity of products, but also on the quality of products

this anti-dumping is actually a "double-edged sword" for the EU market. If you want to protect it, you will not get cheap raw materials from China. The composite materials Association of the European Union has proposed that such a practice will only make us unable to buy cheap glass fiber products in China. What should our composite materials enterprises do? The rise in raw material prices is also a blow to the European composite industry

finally, Professor Jiang pointed out that EU anti-dumping has a certain impact on our exports, but the development process of our industry is bound to encounter such trade protection. Therefore, people in the industry should actively understand and study some game rules of international trade, which can be used for protection and which can be used for promotion. The key is to familiarize us with the international market through this anti-dumping, understand the game rules of the international market, and introduce the concept of forming contraction difference △ vs into the standard

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