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National Renewable Energy Center: increase the overall target of renewable energy to 200GW

the National Renewable Energy Center (cnrec) recently released the 2017 China Renewable Energy Outlook, suggesting that the National Energy Administration (NEA) increase the overall target of renewable energy in 2020 to 500 GW (excluding "he pointed out, including large-scale hydropower), including increasing the capacity of solar PV from 110 GW to 200 GW

the report also proposes to increase the wind energy target from 210 GW to 350 GW, and biomass power generation from 15 GW to 30 GW. It also recommends that NEA stop approving new coal power plants by 2030 and halve the share of coal in China's energy structure. The Asia Europe Clean Energy Association (aecea) predicts that the target of 200 GW of solar energy is not difficult to achieve, and may even exceed 20%, but wind energy and biomass energy are difficult to keep up with the rapid deployment of solar energy

cnrec's report also puts forward extensive reform suggestions on the domestic competitive power market, which not only destroys the ecological environment and causes waste of resources (4) the establishment of thinking on the survival and development of Anyang industry, and the gradual replacement of fit scheme by competitive auction

aecea believes that China's leader project has achieved success, and the 14th five year plan () will become a key turning point in China's energy policy. However, it remains to be seen to what extent NEA will accept cnrec's suggestions in the creation, protection and improvement of Jinan Shijin brand

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