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On May 23, at wujialing life square, Kaifu District, Changsha City, the outer wall of the corner facing the street was decorated with glass curtain walls. In Changsha, glass curtain walls are widely used, with more than 1000 buildings using glass curtain walls. Photo by Tian Chao

since the 1990s, the glass curtain wall integrating architectural aesthetics, architectural functions and building energy conservation has been widely used in the facade of Party and government office buildings, hospital outpatient buildings and other buildings. After nearly 30 years of development, this batch of glass curtain walls with an average service life of 25 years are ushering in a "maintenance explosion period". This newspaper conducted a survey on the condition of such glass curtain walls in Changsha


some curtain wall plastic joints have cracked

in the morning of May 26, in the No. 1 inpatient building of Changsha first hospital, the flow of people was gathering and distributing closely. From the far view opposite the building, you can see that there are some stains outside the blue glass curtain wall of the building, but there are no obvious signs of damage. However, when you enter the upstairs ward for close observation, you can find that the plastic at the joint of the curtain wall has been dry and cracked, and the rainwater penetrating through the gap forms rain stains around the frame. The general affairs department of the hospital is responsible for the maintenance of the curtain wall. According to the relevant person in charge of the general affairs department, since the curtain wall was used in 2003, it has not been repaired much except that it has been cleaned every two years. "After finding problems in daily inspection, it will only be replaced locally."

the mobile communication building located in miaogofeng, Tianxin District, Changsha City is considered by the industry to be the first building in Changsha that may sacrifice medium and high precision and large-area glass curtain wall. Li Yang, the person in charge of the property, said that the building was completed in 2003, and the curtain wall glass was cleaned once a year. "When the glass is damaged or there are other hidden dangers, it will be replaced, but it will not be carried out as a whole."


very 2. What backups need to be made for software reinstallation have not been effectively repaired.

"glass curtain walls developed from aluminum alloy windows and entered Changsha in the 1990s. Then they were gradually adopted in large areas because of their light weight and beautiful shape." CSCEC (Changsha) Buer curtain wall decoration Co., Ltd., located in the Jingwanzi Office of Yuhua District, Changsha, is the top ten professional curtain wall company in the industry. Huang Teng, the marketing manager of the company, introduced that compared with the traditional slate curtain wall and metal curtain wall, the glass curtain wall test project: the self weight of the change performance test is relatively light. "The curtain wall weight of a building hundreds of meters high may only account for about 1% of the overall weight."

"curtain walls are generally installed outside large buildings, and residential buildings are less installed." According to Huang Teng, after the installation, the construction unit will generally guarantee the quality for two years, and then the developer will continue or the property will carry out the maintenance. Due to the lack of cost and personnel awareness, many glass curtain walls have not been effectively maintained and repaired. The problems mainly occurred in the plastic joints and self explosion. "More than ten glass curtain walls of a large class III hospital have self explosion, but they have not been handled yet because of unclear rights and responsibilities and cost reasons."

"the stress of glass curtain wall dragon framework is generally 50 years, and the service life of its own material is 25 years." According to Huang Teng, after nearly 30 years of development, the maintenance and replacement of glass curtain walls have reached an "outbreak period". However, in his opinion, there is basically no service on replacement and hidden danger elimination in the current market. For this reason, the company set up a new after-sales service team in 2016, which continued to provide after-sales maintenance for its own projects and undertook the maintenance of other projects


should issue measures to clarify the main body

"we have also noticed that the glass curtain wall has indeed reached the high risk period, and the replacement and maintenance will not be promoted smoothly because it involves capital, property rights and other aspects." According to the relevant person in charge of Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, as the competent administrative department, they have been performing their duties of irregular supervision and inspection, timely discovering potential safety hazards, urging the safety maintenance subjects to perform their maintenance obligations, and ensuring public safety

at the same time, the person in charge believes that the administrative department can only play the role of "supervision" in the maintenance of glass curtain wall, and he hopes that it can be fastened in time; If the machine is not used for a long period of time after the experiment, relevant measures shall be issued to clarify the obligations of the maintenance subject and its daily patrol maintenance, regular inspection, safety appraisal, repair and replacement, and to specify the obligations that should be undertaken if the obligation is not fulfilled, and to establish a legal norm with unified rights and obligations. ■ Ye Zijun

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