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XCMG Germany R & D center project passed the provincial acceptance on August 16, the acceptance meeting of XCMG Germany R & D center project, a provincial project of Jiangsu International Science and technology cooperation plan, was held in XCMG Research Institute and successfully passed the provincial acceptance

the Jiangsu International Science and technology cooperation plan is a project that should be verified in periodic verification if there is a need for testing, led by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology. It focuses on supporting qualified enterprises in the province to set up R & D institutions overseas by means of acquisition, merger and acquisition or direct investment, and to carry out R & D activities overseas by using R & D resources such as overseas talents, scientific research conditions and environment, with the purpose of "going global" R & D Special support for international technology transfer

the German R & D center of XCMG group built by the project is located in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, covering an area of 16400 square meters. Its function is positioned as a leading enterprise in research and development of cutting-edge technologies. It focuses on the development of core components such as hydraulic valves, pumps, motors and intelligent control. By repeatedly loading key technologies in different curve segments, a team of technical experts The scientific research team with doctors as the main body has realized independent operation

the project is an important measure for XCMG to realize the company's internationalization strategy and break through the technology of key core parts of construction machinery. Its successful acceptance has provided guiding significance for the development of XCMG's global R & D center layout, and also marked another solid step for XCMG towards the goal of being a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness. The strong support of Jiangsu Province's international science and technology cooperation policy will help XCMG speed up the breakthrough of China's core parts bottleneck and climb the Everest in the global machinery industry as soon as possible

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