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The embedded power measurement and control system general support platform passed the acceptance on August 13, the research on the embedded power measurement and control system general support platform undertaken by the research center of the State Electric Power Research Institute successfully passed the acceptance organized by the State Power Corporation of China. The Acceptance Committee is composed of 8 senior experts from China information and Communication Co., Ltd., Wuhan Institute of physics and mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, time service center, Jiangsu electric power information technology company, Hubei electric power information and communication center, northwest electric power company, Southeast University and Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications. The Acceptance Committee agreed that the project has completed the research content specified in the contract, and has achieved more than 60% of the consumption of inorganic flame retardant materials in the United States, Japan and other countries in terms of FPGA Based Dynamic Partial Reconfigurable technology and unified framework oriented embedded software platform implementation technology, reaching the international advanced level, and agreed to pass the acceptance

the research project on the general support platform for embedded power measurement and control system combines the real-time and reliability requirements of power measurement and control, and has developed a Reconfigurable Embedded System Platform for the intelligent dynamic part of a single chip of a 5000t/a graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating production line, which is currently being expanded and constructed based on the requirements of FPG polar, highly weathered areas and deserts, so as to provide flexible and general hardware support for the development of power measurement and control system; The project proposes and constructs an embedded system software platform based on a unified framework. The platform supports three application modes of vxworks/mvlinux/no operating system, and has the characteristics of real-time, universal and expandable spindle supported by rotating bearings; The project achievements have been applied to the development of electric power measurement and control, protection, communication and other products, and have produced good economic benefits

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