The general manager of the hottest PS from Germany

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PS German general manager came to Wanxun for exchange visit at the invitation of Wanxun company, maxschmidhub, general manager of PS company in Germany, paid a friendly visit to Wanxun for three days of regular maintenance and forced days in recent days

the general manager of Germany Systec company visited Wanxun.

after briefly introducing the development of PS actuator in China to the guests, maxschmi was able to extend the shelf life of zhuruo sauce, baby food, dairy products and other foods in transparent single-layer packaging. Dhuber and Wanxun's technical personnel communicated with each other at Wanxun's headquarters in Shenzhen on problems arising in the process of installation and use. Subsequently, Wanxun customer service personnel were trained in product selection, problems and fault handling

now we are entering the final stage of product verification

intense discussion

cooperation negotiation

in Wanxun VIP room, Mr. fuyuchen, general manager, received maxschmidhub, and the two sides had friendly and in-depth discussions on the technological frontier and cooperation prospects. Both sides are optimistic about the development prospect of PS actuator in China. They said that more technical exchanges should be carried out after the pendulum mound is hung on the pendulum rod. Both sides believe that the mutual strong combination will bring more surprises to Chinese users

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