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In May, 2014, the senior leaders of Laoka wardrobe and their delegation conducted a 9-day inspection and exchange activity in Europe. This trip to Europe made Laoka wardrobe gain a lot

in May 2014, the senior leaders of the Lockhart locker and their delegation conducted a 9-day inspection and exchange activity in Europe. This trip to Europe made Lockhart locker gain a lot

"made in Germany" is synonymous with "quality and reputation" in the world market. German factories have advanced modern production technology. Germany's "double high" (high use value and high-tech content) products have made Germany a major exporter. Germany's first-class strong scientific research technology and the country's perfect and strict management system are the main reasons why "made in Germany" is famous in the world

during this visit to Europe, the senior leaders of lacca wardrobe mainly made a detailed investigation on Germany's rigorous factory production line, production process, production process, logistics system and perfect enterprise management system. At the same time, the senior leaders of lacca wardrobe also carefully observed the advanced production equipment and integrated production line in Germany. This visit not only has a deeper understanding of German quality and service, but also brings many advanced concepts to the management of the lockcard wardrobe factory, which will further promote the rapid development and great progress of lockcard wardrobe

modern production not only represents manufacturing technology, but also includes the production organization, production concept and international logistics management system including the whole production management technology. The management mechanism of German enterprises is a rationalist management method, which is based on technical management and attaches importance to the improvement of staff quality. Germany is one of the countries with the best vocational training and education in the world, and has a perfect vocational training and management mechanism for extensive participation of employees

this inspection of the management system of German enterprises has pointed out the direction for the innovation of the management mode of Laoka wardrobe enterprises, and laid the foundation for building a solid soft power for Laoka wardrobe

in 2014, the "6+1" model of lacca wardrobe was fully energized, that is, productivity, product power, image power, training power, service power, marketing power + advertising power. This year is the year of the take-off of the lockcard wardrobe, and a series of measures of lockcard wardrobe have been steadily promoted. Let's witness the brilliant tomorrow of Laoka wardrobe with you




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