The relocation of the 325 new factory of Yidun doo

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Recently, the relocation of Yidun's new door and window factory and the new product launch conference were grandly held in Yidun's new factory. Many guests from Foshan door and window industry association and dealers from all over the world attended. Yidun doors and windows will continue to move forward and usher in a more brilliant 2015

March 25th, 2015 is a very meaningful day for Foshan Yidun doors and windows company (hereinafter referred to as "Yidun doors and windows"). On this day, the "new factory relocation and new product launch" of Yidun doors and windows was grandly held in the new factory, including Wu Guohong, chairman of "Saint Paul doors", Feng Wenbo, chairman of "Xinhaoxuan doors", Qian Zhulin, general manager of "one meter sunshine", Li Junhong, general manager of "Paiya doors and windows", Zhu Fuqing, general manager of "Huangpai doors and windows", you Weimin, chairman of "Shenglong International Hardware" Hu Cheng, executive vice president and Secretary General of Foshan door and window industry association, and more than 400 dealers from all over the country attended the press conference

the press conference kicked off at the beginning of the wonderful program of "Yidun people". All guests were invited to light up the starting light of "2015 innovation journey of Yidun doors and windows", and then Lai Jianguo, executive vice president of Yidun doors and windows, delivered a welcome speech

excellent dealers who won the "2014 excellent dealer Award", "2014 best service provider Award", "2014 best reputation Award" and "2014 top, second and third place sales awards" were also commended on site. Subsequently, President Zhou, the sales director of "Yidun doors and windows" publicized the "2015 policy plan of Yidun doors and windows" on the scene

the growth of an enterprise cannot be separated from the leadership with wise decision-making and market observation. Zhang Longwei, chairman of "Yidun doors and windows", shared the development blueprint of "Yidun doors and windows" in the next five years. He pointed out that in 2015, Yidun doors and windows will carry out brand promotion in different forms and strengthen brand construction. At the same time, we will give strong support to franchisees in the direction of service, sales, image and activities, and will establish "Yidun door and window College" to train dealers in sales, management and other aspects, so as to increase the order volume of franchisees and achieve mutual win-win cooperation between the two sides

therefore, the "new dream, new Yidun, new future" Yidun doors and windows began a new chapter of enterprise development in 2015




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