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At the moment when the Internet tide is gradually blazing, all walks of life follow the development trend and gradually test the Internet. The door and window profession is not willing to fall behind and enter the Internet to open the form of online sales. However, the combination of the traditional door and window profession and the Internet still needs to face three problems

conflict of interest: it is necessary to share the interests with dealers

traditional door and window enterprises complete the sale of products in multiple regions through dealers. According to the current situation, most of the products sold by traditional enterprises through dealers account for about 80%, and the offline sales volume is still the bulk. It is necessary to take into account the interests of dealers in enterprise transformation. However, if the products are sold directly to consumers through e-commerce, the lower product price will affect the interests of dealers, resulting in online and offline conflicts

the key to dealing with conflicts of interest is to share interests with dealers. For example, the manufacturers of door and window enterprises can assign the after-sales mission to local dealers to perform the after-sales treatment of products. On the one hand, it can deal with the problem of service supply, on the other hand, it can also bring dealers to e-commerce, forming a win-win situation. The products in the channel of an enterprise mall can be sold through online channels through micro distribution, so that enterprises can obtain more traffic on the Internet

logistics transportation: choose a reliable express logistics company

different from the common FMCG in e-commerce, door and window products are large objects, and there is a high risk of product damage in the transportation process. Together, the phenomenon of non-standard operation in the logistics profession aggravates this risk, which eventually leads to many people unwilling to buy large door and window products online. This problem will be gradually dealt with with with the development of e-commerce logistics. Now what door and window enterprises can do is to select reliable express logistics companies, reduce the risk of transportation, provide more guarantees for consumers together, and deal with customers' worries

after sales service: improve device maintenance service

door and window products also involve device problems. Products purchased can only be used after they are installed, while merchants generally do not provide free device services, and some areas can't even deliver goods to their homes. Together, if consumers are not satisfied with the product, or the product has quality problems, and want to return, replace and repair, the process is very cumbersome, and the after-sales service is not guaranteed, which seriously affects the further development of e-commerce for doors and windows. To solve this problem, door and window enterprises can carry out o2o forms, such as opening offline experience stores to improve user experience and deal with after-sales device maintenance services together

in the tide of the Internet, for door and window enterprises, "Internet access" is not only an opportunity to carry out, but also a challenge. As long as we accurately grasp the key brought by the Internet wave, we can create our own advantages and win more shopping malls




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